Integrated amps with HT pass-thru?

I'm leaning toward going with an integrated 2-channel but will need to incorporate my 7.1 HT.

Would like to spend under about 1200, but if there's something phenomenal in a price range just above that I'll consider stretching if I can convince the Mrs.

I see the YBAs get good reviews, but I can't tell if any of their models have HT pass-thru and they don't respond to emails (maybe that's not such a good sign...)

I'm using an MF A5 used for around 1750...but MF has been doing HT passthroughs for the last 5 years or so...also a few can definitely get passthrough at your price range in a very nice integrated.
I know the Classe CAP-151 has a HT pass through and normally sells for $1,200 used.

It is a very good sounding integrated and with 150 watts on tap has more than enough power for movies.

I believe the Krell integrated's have HT pass through but I don't have any personal experience with them.

Good luck.

I know that the Musical Fidelity A5 has a pass thru but not sure if the A3.5 does as well. The A5 is an en excellent amp. C'mon, valentines day is coming up, a good time to do some convincing.
Sim I-5
used musical fidelity 3.5 if you can find one , i believe...
Blue Circle Integrateds can have a HT processor loop added as an option. New integrateds range from $1200-$4700 depending on the model...

(note: I'm a Blue Circle dealer)...