Integrated Amps with a Headphone Input

Besides the Cary SLI-80, are there any other integrated amps that provide the versatility of headphone playback? My source is a Mac Mini with a Wavelength Cosecant dac. My budget is 2K to $2500. Thanks in advance for all suggestions.
Go with a used Accuphase Integrated. Check beforehand because they don't all have them, but when they do, they are spectacular.
Leben has two tube-powered models depending upon power requirements. Very nice!
Rogue Cronus.
cary sli-80
Yamaha A-S2000, Surprisingly nice piece right in your budget... check the forums on Agon.
What speakers are you trying to have it also drive?
Oops... Big oversight on my part. I own a pair of Harbeth M30's. They are pretty easy to drive
I didn't know that the M30's were easy to drive. I'm only experienced with the compact 7's - great speakers - I hear they like mid-higher powered solid state, although others have used tubes. The Portal Panache is a wonderful integrated, sometimes found used for 700-900 dollars, supposed to have a very good headphone out (uses same amplification as speakers, not an opamp), 100wpc designed by Nelson Pass. Very neutral in presentation. The Leben CS300 gets great reviews, though I don't know if it's enough power for the Harbeths.
I agree with Badwisdom. My uncle gave me his Accuphase E-202 Integrated that was babied. I did some cleaning and tested out the headphone jack for kicks with a pair of 25 Ohm BeyerDynamic DT-48e headphones and the sound was quite pleasant. I was really surprised. Lots of the early Accuphase Integrateds can be had for way less than your budget even if you factor in restoration repair costs.
I think the guys forgot to ask which headphones you plan to use? some integrateds do not deliver enough "Juice" to certain models of headphones when compared to a headamp.
I have not yet purchased headphones... but, on my short list are Sennheiser HD650 and the HiFi Man He500. Hope that helps. Thanks everyone for their recommendations thus far.
Are the tube integrated options with headphone inputs pretty limited?
I have the Rogue Cronus Magnum and it's not very good with headphones IMO. Of course I own AKG K702's sitting on their rack collecting dust as a result.
Anthem 225, $1,500.
In many cases, the headphone jack is powered by a seperate and much inferior chip rather than from the audio output of the amp itself. Those who are interested in getting the best headphone performance should check with the manufacturer of their chosen amp as to the quality of the headphone output.
So would I be better off just adding a headphone amp to my system?

11-20-11: Houstonjazzfan
So would I be better off just adding a headphone amp to my system?
If you are mainly after a good headphone amp the answer is yes. There is no doubt that most suggestions above would better your old yammy as an amp/pre amp combo.
See my comment on the Portal Panache. Also the Leben has a really good internal headphone amp. Research those two, and see if they will work with the speakers and headphones you are using. Try the Headfi forum to look at headphone compatability.
Just wanted to update this thread. I ended up getting a Luxman 550 A II. I was a bit concerned about this 20 wpc Class A amp being able to drive the M30's, but it works spectacularly based on my listening level preferences. This Luxman is fantastic. Next step is to purchase a high-end headphone. The Audeze LCD-2 are on my wish list. Thanks everyone for your input.