Integrated Amps that run hot

With this cold weather I find myself interested in a hot running SS integrated amp for bedroom system. My Naim 5i-2 runs quite cool. Any suggestions on integrateds under $1000 used that run very warm. Speakers are 90 db efficient and room is small so not worried about power. Thanks.
A space heater would be cheaper :)
Class A amps would fit the bill. Not sure of any particular brand, but within your budget, and speaker efficiency, you should try a Tube amp. Might have more choices.
And the Naim sounds great and it seemed like such a fun idea...
The Sugden a21a runs hot as I recall.
Krell 400xi, but not sure if you can find one used for $1,000
My Coda CSi keeps me warm on chilly nights and smokin' on hot nights...LOVE IT
Music Hall Mambo if you can find one.