Integrated Amps - my first good HiFi purchase.

Or perhaps around here low/mid fi?

Hello! I’ve been lurking on this forum for some time, but have never posted. I’m about to buy a small form factor (2u rack space) integrated and I need some input, as I have not purchased consumer electronics in some time.  

I’ve narrowed it down to the following units. I would much appreciate some feedback from folks here about them, and if I’m missing anything else that I should be considering.

I should note that my main concern is value, I can afford a $5k stereo amp but I have no interest in watching football or Game of Thrones through it. This amp is basically going to play music for socializing, TV audio and to offer a different system to reference translatability of recordings to more consumer based setups. I’m a recording engineer and have a lot of high end monitoring gear in my studio (Grace 905, ATC SCM50's, Focal SM9s, etc) which is where the critical listening happens during mix time.  

This is what I’ve found so far, in no particular order.

1. Exposure 2010S2D
2. Creek 5350SE (used and super cheap)
3. Creek Evolution 100a
4. Krell KAV-400xi (used)
5. Moon Integrated i5
6. Arcam A19
7. AudioLab 8300
8. Roksan K3
9. Rega Elex-R
10. Rega Elicit-R

Thanks for any advice! - please let me know if there’s another unit out there I should be considering.


It does not seem to me, that you are interested in a tube based integrated? Or am I wrong? If I am, I suggest you look at the Prima Luna Dialogue Premium. Also, Modwright, McIntosh, and the over looked Manley Labs Stingray, are awesome sounding integrated tube amps that IMO you should consider based on your selection of fine speakers.


Matt M 

Thanks Matt! I had not considered a tube amp, as they always sort of scared me for hifi (vintage guitar amps keep my repair bills constant) but I will try to find one to audition.