Integrated amps- Hegel H100 or Vincent SV-237?

I have a pair of Maggie MMG and I love these little speakers. I am using my friend's Vincent SV-236 MKII to drive the Maggies and the speakers sound great. I also heard the Hegel integrated amps sound very good, too. I now have quotes for both SV-237 and H100 at the same price range. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
What type of sound do you like and what is your budget?
I believe some of the vincent product's are giant killers!, my opinion, is they are the best bang for the dollar in audio, I have had nothing but good exsperience's with vincent, the most important thing, very reliable thus far, that gos along way in my book considering I have had products that costed 5 times more that was hailed as some of the best that craped out on me, cheers.
I had a Vincent 226MK integrated and loved it. Wish I never sold it.
Thanks for all the feedback so far. I listen to Jazz and Classical for the most of the time. I like the sound from the Vincent SV 236 MKII. Very clear, a lot of details and a nice 3D soundstage. The only complaint I have is that it sounds a little bit on the bright side. But that could because of the amp is still new (less than 100 hrs may be). I have dealer offers for Vincent SV 237 and Hegel 100 both at the $2,000 ball park. I dont have experience with Hegel but several people told me to give it a try. I have also considered Krell S300i. Any thoughts on the Krell?
That "bright side " will persist. For Classical the Hegel is far better.
Thank you! Is Hegel H100 powerful enough for the Maggie?
I would consider getting a different pair of speakers instead. There's no getting around a big strip of aluminum they call a tweeter. But before you buy anything, try this. You can insert resistors at your speaker terminals that will roll off the highs. Call Magnepan and ask them what resistor to use for your speakers.
Thank you! I have the original package which includes several resistors. I'll give them a try.
Jjue, roll the tubes in your vincent, your done!
Thanks for the feedback!
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Hegel is getting aggressive on their prices. I saw H100 for $1,695 new today. Anybody wants to share his/her experience with H100?
Went with Hegel H200 eventually. Received the amp tonight and listened to a few familiar songs. Very happy with the decision so far.
There is actually no change in Hegel's "list price" only strategy. That's just one dealer that apparently has a temporary overstock. Other Hegel dealers are still only selling at list. Two friends of mine checked with their local dealers and no budging on price.
I contacted the dealer. They happened to receive a few H100 at the lower price. My understanding is that Hegel is going to discontinue H100. That's probably another reason why the H100's are being sold at discount price. Anyway, I have enjoyed my H200 a lot and I think I will stick with it for a while.