Integrated amps for Joseph Audio rm22si

 Looking for recommendation on an integrated amp for the speakers from owners or previous owners. Budget is about $1,000 
Thanks for any info.
What aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you?

Looking for something that doesn't run me out of the room after 15 minutes of listening to it.definitely don't want something that's going to be too edgy or bright something with good low end detail. It seems Joseph audio prefer's class D amps or at least that what they use at the show from what I've seen. Something I would be interested in trying. 
What amp are you currently using or what have you heard so far that you don’t like? JA speakers don’t have a rep for sounding bright or edgy, so would be helpful to hear what else is currently in your system in terms of source, pre, interconnects/cables, etc. 

The only thing I have so far are the speakers and some audioquest cable's rocket 44 speaker cables and cobra interconnect. So... I thought I would start with the amp first and then the source.most likely cd
JA has shown with Hegel with good results, so maybe an H80 would be worth exploring.  Same with the Bel Canto integrated.  With your tastes it sounds like you may like tube gear as well if you're open to that, so integrateds from Primaluna and Cayin among others might be worth a look too since the RM22s are relatively tube friendly.  Best of luck.  Great speakers BTW. 

Great choice on the 22's!  They are fantastic speakers.

I'm a JA dealer, and with them you have a lot of flexibility in what you can use.  They sound really good with either solid state or tubes.

Do you prefer to go new or used? 

If new, I would look for perhaps either a Rega Brio-R or a Marantz PM 6005 or maybe 8005.

If used, it would be hard to beat a Rogue Sphinx.  You get both a bit of both tubes and d class amplification.
Great suggestions from goldprintaudio! I will add the Arcam FMJ A19. Fantastic integrated, outstanding build quality and great sound.

Look into Analog Engineering Associates. Ken Leonard is a master at restoring vintage Fisher, Scott, Sherwood or any other tube amp you can think of. 

I had purchased a Fisher X-100-B and traded it back for a Sherwood S-5000-II, since I needed a little more power. To date, 20+ years, the Sherwood is the best amp I have had in my system. 

Ken has a long legacy on the engineering side of the recording industry. Read the "Legacy" section of his site and you will get a serious understanding of who this guy is.

He has a number of his awesome sounding restored amps that will fit into your budget. Contact him by email or phone Ken is a great guy to chat with.

Second vote for a Marantz PM8005.  70 wpc into 8; 100 wpc into 4 Ohms so more than enough to get the job done with your JA RM22si's.  And it's built at the Marantz reference factory in Japan.  $1200 msrp so some smart shopping should land you a new one at a grand.
Smart speaker choice. I'd second Primaluna if you want tubes. Best, Rob

I have the RM25XLM2.

Had Bel Canto for a while, nice sound, went to Hegel, killer sound. Hegel matched really well with the JA speakers. Many used Hegel H70 and H80 for sale at good prices here.