Integrated Amps - Ayre vs Pass Labs

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In the very preliminary stages of starting a two-channel system from the ground up. I’d like to go with an integrated to save on space.  No phono stage necessary at this point. I’m open to an incorporated DAC but it’s not a must have. Speakers, sources, etc. TBD.

Has anyone had experience hearing Pass’ INT-250 against Ayre’s AX-5 Twenty?

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I haven’t heard any of these integrated amps , but there has been so much positive written about the Luxmans I wonder why you are not considereing them also?
There is also the kinki Studio EX-M1 discussed here on Agon and having a stellar review by 6 Moons, which I also have no experience with but they gushed over it.
(((Legacy is very similar to Vandersteen. warm rich and laid back in the treble.)))
 I think that's wishful thinking, but are your speakers out of time?
Phase and time correct is not easy to substitute. 
Since you continue to think you know a lot about what you don't know a lot about.
  Here you go.
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