integrated amps $1500-$2200

I am planning to upgrade my system and am looking for the best integrated amp in this price range. I have Paradigm Studio 60's, which I may upgrage to B&W 805's or Hale Rev 3's in the next year. My CD player is a Rega Planet. Please advise. Thanks
Depends on your taste in music. I'm a huge fan of Conrad Johnson, so I'd go with the CJ integrated model #50. SWEET, delicious sound. Speakers must be pretty efficient and not too hard to drive. What is the impedence of the paradigm?
First, I suggest you upgrade your cd player.Rega has no resolution,dynamics or bass.About the amplifier;solid state-Electrocompaniet($2000-new),tube-Yakov Aronov Audio(new-$3200 or so,but can get it used for $1600).Conrad-Johnson is just not good enough.
Try the YBA DT. It is a very musical sounding integrated amplifier for about $2100. I have seen them 2nd hand on Audiogon for about half. You should explore this as one of your possibilities.
If you are going to buy the "Revelation 3" be aware, they are very hard speakers to "drive" so buld your "system" having that in mind. I would only recomend, before you buy something, that YOU personaly audition the product.
I have decided to go with the Hales Revelation speakers and want to know if they can be well driven with the YBA, Classe' 150, or the Plinius 2100i. Please respond. Thank you.
None of the integrated, you mention, will be enough for the Hales....Why limit yourself to integrated amps...? My suggestion: Adcom-5802 300W solid state/$1750 (Stereophile class B) *AdcomGFP-750 $1250 Pre-amp (Stereophile class A) Now, they are out of your price range, but if you are to buy them both, the dealer can and will offer you a deal. Eather, on pre-owned or demos. You have a one of the best speakers, at any price, why not get their full potential. Good luck! *Nelson Pass (Pass aleph...etc)designed this pre-amp Like to hear what did you decide.