Integrated Amplifiers with neutral sound

Besides the Bryston and Simaudio what other Integrated
Amplifiers would sound good with warm sounding speakers.
Thanks in advance on Your opinions.


But really impossible to answer since you provide so little info.

How efficient are the speakers?
What kind of music do you listen to?
How loudly?

Oh yeah, and how much are you willing to spend? New or used?

And why do you think your choices sound good with warm speakers? What do you mean by that?

Bryston and SIM are to excellent choices, why more? Price? Don't like those brands?
conrad-johnson CA200 is neutral and is not at all harsh or analytical. It's easy to listen to but would not add additional warmth to your speakers.
Accustic Arts Power 1, Perreaux 150i or 250i. As neutral as you can get.
I had a Bryston B100sst for 4 years and while I did enjoy it the Bryston has a ground loop problem (slight hum from speakers when source was selected and nothing playing). The Simaudio is very good if you like detail. To me that detail made me listen to my equipment and not the music - too analytical. The Naim is excellent (very musical) and would have bought one except I tried a tube integrated (Octave V70SE) and decided to go that route. Tu-be or not tu-be?! :)
Thanks You all for response.
I have Fritzspeakers Carbon 7 speakers and they are very
similar to the Totem speakers. I have had Simaudio Moon 340i
and to me sound was analytical. I'm listening mostly smooth
jazz, not too loud.
My limit is $5K.
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Pathos (Classic or Logos) have a much more involving sound than Sim or Bryston.
Isn't SIM the amplifier that Totem, (like Fritz?), uses at trade shows? When you say SIM sounds to analytical, I wonder of what you really would like is a tube integrated or a Class A integrated - like the PASS INT30. How much power do you need to drive the speakers? How sensitive? What kind of impedance characteristic?
For $5k and for smooth jazz I would consider Rowland, Pass and perhaps MBL.
This might be overkill as far as power needed, but its smooth, detailed and great bottom end, fits your budget and will drive any speaker in your future.
Coda CSIb
I second Timlub's recommendation. I have had my CODA CSi for about 4 years and still love it.
My Exposure 2010s2 sounds phenomenal with my warm Castles. Entry level Simaudio in it's place sounded too warm and sluggish (though I do have a Simaudio CD player).

That's well below your limit though. In the same vain as Exposure, I would try LFD. Never heard an LFD amp personally, though. Only read about them.
I own a Symphonic Line La Musica amp. Now I have to say this makes me a bit biased but I really think you should put Symphonic Line on your list.
I'm using an ATC SIA2-150 ($4000.00) with a pair of Shelby+Kroll monitors and love the way it sounds. Very clean, neutral, natural, and dynamic. I prefered the ATC over a Pass XA-30.5 and XP-10 preamp combo.
Fritz is is using Modwrigtht Amplifier that I'm not familiar
with and he is also using WyWire speaker cable.
I need 100W Integrated Amplifier.
Fritz is is using Modwrigtht Amplifier that I'm not familiar
with and he is also using WyWire speaker cable.
I need 100W Integrated Amplifier.

He's probably using Dan's new KWI200 integrated amp which is 200wpc at 8ohms. Dan also had it playing in his room at RMAF.
Musical fidelity integrateds are affordable and quite neutral
Vincent makes a nice integrated...Shunya, Kavent...all sort of related and big bang for the buck.
Modwirght has an integrated now - don't how much $$$ though.
Maybe we'd get a shorter list is the original poster asked for a list of integrated amplifiers *without* neutral sound.

That would be a list of most tube integrated amps.
Actually, the original poster said he had warm you need to balance with a cold sounding integrated to result in that ideal sound: Tepid.
No, Wolf_Garcia. I think that I should remove the blankets
from the speakers to cool them down. What do You think?
I use YBA electronics with Vandersteen 2 speakers. The cooler or dryer sounding YBA amps are balanced by the warmer and wetter sounding Vandersteens and make a nice combination. So a YBA Integre DT may be an option if your not into head banging volume levels.
So, the OP wants a neutral integrated and let the warm speakers be the tone control. Great start.
I like the sound of the Burson PI-160 but lets face it, its not that popular despite its stellar sound (IMHO). I was told that the Hegel line of amps have the very same sound quality as the Burson (neutral and full, at the same time) and look more attractive, to boot. Most reviews have equated the sound as like water: its just there with nothing added. And unlike the Burson, it has a remote, more inputs and a built in DAC. I only went with the Burson because it was $500 cheaper than the Hegel.
If the OP can find a demo, he might be happy.
Modwirght has an integrated now - don't how much $$$ though.

I believe it is $4995.
Kiza - how about that Modwright? Your price point and chosen my the maker of you speaker --- probably a good match - no?
Kiza seems to be baiting me...a Master Baiter perhaps?