Integrated Amplifier with the Good Bass and Extended Highs

Looking for an SS Integrated amplifier with the NAD's or Simaudio's deep bass but with the extended highs
for the PSB Synchrony speakers. I listened PSB with the Accuphase E-470 (which I shouldn't) and since then I can't find the right amplifier. I tried Belles Aria but I didn't like the bass.

For now I am very interested in Accuphase E-270. I understand that the E-270 won't sound like a E-470 but it should have similar sonic signature.
Power shouldn't be a problem, 90W/8Ohms - 120W/4Ohms since I don't listen music that loud.
I was lucky enough to get a mint Rega Osiris for just over 34% of list price.  At hat price it was a steal.  And yes, it is very good.  I believe that because it is a Rega product, costs $9995 list and it is not fancy enough that they are not a top seller.  And, due to these factors, occasionally a used one come up at, considering it's true quality, can also be obtained very reasonably.  Also if anything ever goes wrong, Rega is totally excellent to deal with.  That's for sure.
<<Krell dealer disclaimer>>
The Krell Vanguard intergrated amp sounds excellent.  It has a large, open soundstage, detail, legendary Krell bass punch.  It's hard to find fault with it.  I use it regularly to demonstrate $28k Magico's.  Runs them effortlessly.  It's the best sounding integrated they've ever made.  I'd add it to your list.  :-)
Vitus RI-100. Be patient. You can find them here for around $7000. Best money you’ll ever spend…..
Sounds like you enjoy the Japanese amps. I got lucky on a demo Accuphase E-600. Maybe you can work your way up the chain slowly. I've been in the game for 30 years and even after that long period of time, I can't believe I spent 10 grand on an integrated amp. The only saving grace is that I love this Accuphase 10 times more than any integrated I've ever owned. Yes, we keep hearing that Accuphase just doesn't do enough business in the U.S. so they rape us on the price but when I heard this amp I could not let it go. It's alive and it's a very special integrated. I think  you would feel the same way about any integrated in their lineup.