integrated amplifier with phono and usb

i am looking for an integrated with a phono and usb but also with enough power to drive my magnepan 12's. i came across the musical fidelity A1008 but i think the blinking digital inputs on the front panel would be too distracting. so if someone has any other ideas or can tell me otherwise on the a1008 it would be appreciated
Don't know if you would consider it, but the Outlaw RR2150 receiver will meet your needs.
thanks, never heard of it, but with a 30 day return policy it is worth finding out. i hope it has enough inputs for me.

thanks again.
Regarding the USB: are you are looking for an integrated DAC, or just a USB port? You can easily add an external USB port adapter to an unused pair of inputs.
My two cents worth: since DAC technology changes faster than integrated amps do, I would use a small outboard DAC. Buy the amp that sounds best to you and mates to your speakers and upgrade the DAC when needed or wanted.
Hard to recommend anything without knowing your budget and the speakers you will be driving.
what ever product i choose it will be driving magnepan 12's, in my original post, but i would like to stay below $1600
i have been using a musical fidelity a3 with the maggies for around 8-10 years. love, love, love my maggies
I owned the A1008. The blue lights don't blink once it's powered up, and they're almost invisible unless you're in the dark. The power output is substantial. I doubt it would have any trouble driving your speakers. I agree with Br9038. The onboard USB dac was pretty good a few years ago, but it is now pretty outdated.
thanks for the update on the A1008, the manual gave the impression that if any of the digital inputs were not being used its corresponding light would blink. as for the DAC being pretty outdated then please explain to me why people purchase older cd players--thanks
My guess is that buyers of older cd players are using them as transports only and sending a digital output to an external dac.