Integrated AMplifier to Pair with Dynaudio Focus 1

I just made the plunge I invested in a pair of Dynaudio Focus 160's a now need a receiver to pair with it. Given the investment in the speakers, I need to keep my budget under $1000, closer to $750 would be ideal.

It can demo, used, or a discontinued model. Just want the best bang for my buck.

My first three choices are:

1. Simaudio i.5
2. Cambridge *40
3. Anthem 225

Any help would be appreciated!
I would consider the Quad 909 with a 99 preamp. $1000 might be a little optimistic for a used Quad pair, but if you can extend your budget($200?)you will have an amp on another level.
I have owned a few different integrateds lately (NAD C-350, Music Hall Mambo, Peachtree Nova), and I am currently running Dynaudio Contour 1.3s with an NAD C-372. The NAD just sounds better than the others. I was disappointed with the Mambo and the Nova, they both had a beautiful build quality but no warmth or dynamics to the sound. I know that tone controls are frowned upon by some, but I doubt I'll ever buy an amp without them again. Besides, all recordings are different, tone controls easily compensate for this. My advice: go for a pre-owned NAD integrated with some power. My C-350 didn't have the testicular fortitude to run the dyns properly.