Integrated amplifier search

I’m currently using a Parasound Halo Integrated.  The rest of my system consists of Clearwave Definition Be loudspeakers, VPI Traveler turntable, and Parasound T3 tuner.  Most of my critical listening is done from my iPhone into the DAC of the Parasound.

i very much enjoy the Integrated, but I’m curious if there is something in a smaller package that offers the same functionality and quality as the Parasound.  For a while, I looked carefully at the Peachtree Nova 150.  It’s intriguing, but I’m concerned I won’t maintain the level of sound quality I have now. 

Any thoughts on other Integrateds I should consider?
I’ve had tubes before. Anthem pre amp, pathos classic one, and antique sound labs integrated. I’m sure I’m missing a couple. They didn’t do much for me and I’m convinced good solid state gear can go toe to toe with tubes.

Best of luck then. I've yet to hear any SS (even megabuck SS) that can truly match a halfway decent tube amp. If you're looking for SS that can match/exceed tubes, pieces like the Halo aren't even within a stone's throw. Stuff from the likes of Pass can get somewhere in the ballpark.

What about the new NAD D 3045 product? 
I landed on a Micromega M100 with MARS room correction.  A little bigger in size than I had hoped, but checks every other box.  Plus I can hang it on the wall vertically if I want.  It arrives Monday, I’m excited to fire it up.
Sent you a pm today. 

Rogue Sphinx.   No ones mentioned here,,,,really a great piece,