Integrated amplifier search

I’m currently using a Parasound Halo Integrated.  The rest of my system consists of Clearwave Definition Be loudspeakers, VPI Traveler turntable, and Parasound T3 tuner.  Most of my critical listening is done from my iPhone into the DAC of the Parasound.

i very much enjoy the Integrated, but I’m curious if there is something in a smaller package that offers the same functionality and quality as the Parasound.  For a while, I looked carefully at the Peachtree Nova 150.  It’s intriguing, but I’m concerned I won’t maintain the level of sound quality I have now. 

Any thoughts on other Integrateds I should consider?
Norma Audio has a new half-sized integrated that hasn't made it up on their website yet - the HS IPA-1.  It has options for built-in DAC or Phono as well.
+1 on the Naim Uniti Nova suggestion. I happen to own the Nova for my bedroom setup. It’s highly musical sounding unit. Great all-in-one box solution that does not compromise sound quality and musicality. It is a digital streamer/DAC/integrated amp all in a single box that does not take up much space. Has built-in Tidal streaming app. Very convenient. Great sounding streamer and DAC. Naim makes excellent digital streamer/DAC.

And the Nova has regular RCA stereo inputs, DIN and digital inputs. Even the Naim Statement NAC S1 linestage preamp and the Naim Statement NAP S1 monoblock amps have both regular XLR stereo inputs as well as DIN.

The Naim Uniti Nova will sound better and more musical than your Parasound Halo Integrated. Not in the same league. With the Naim Uniti Nova you will get much better sounding digital front end source components (much better streamer DAC) than the ones you have now. I highly recommend the Nova.
Naim and Parasound aren’t in the same league at all. The amplifier section of the Nova is class AB.
And do not get easily fooled by the Nova’s low power output of only 80 wpc @ 8 ohms. This is a quality amplification current. I’m not saying that your Parasound HINT is bad, no, Parasound Halo line makes very good amplifiers especially for the money but not on the same level of quality, musicality and refinements as Naim.
Caphill, thanks for the feedback, exactly what I was looking for.  I don’t have any Naim dealers near me so I either need to drive a ways, or wait for a used one to pop up.  I doubt they show up used often if they are new.

the Parasound does have a nice power amp, but with my 4 ohm speaker, I would think the Uniti would be rated closer to 140-150 wpc.
I have a Peachtree Nova 300.  If you want all the bells and whistles, a lot of power, a small and attractive unit that sounds good, it's worth checking out. 

I recently purchased a Heed Elixir, and am very happy with it.  No bells or whistles other than a MM phono pre.  It's relatively small and to my ears sounds better than the Peachtree.  Stereophile has a review that I think is spot on.

I haven't heard the Halo, so can't comment on whether I would prefer either of these to it, but I am familiar with the Parasound "house sound" and if it sounds like what I've heard from Parasound in the past, either of these integrateds might be an improvement to your ears.  Go audition them if you can.
a good friend of mine has the nad d7050, which i think you can get for around $500--i've had bad luck with nad in the past, but this unit was pretty impressive. and small.