Integrated amplifier is softer on the Right channel compared to the Left channel, what....

Just curious what would be the cause or fix so do speak.
Probably around 3 - 4 db in difference.

I swapped the speaker cables on the amplifiers end and the its has changed, speakers on the right is now louder so....... problems should be with the amp until I try a new pair of speakers to confirm but pretty sure it the amp.

What could be the problem, amplifier is fairly new and could have been an existing problem that went unnoticed. 

Fairly large integrated at 285 watts into 8Ohms.
Krell S550i if this helps.
Did you swap the connection from source to Amp?
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Yes, no change there so......
You can use a source with volume control (a preamp, Dac or CD player with volume control) connect to the krell HT pass-through input to confirm the problem is from the preamp or power amp section.
Hmmm...... ok well I think its best I bring it for service since if I did find this out, I wont be able to do much other than getting professional help for this I guess. 

Thanks guys