Integrated Amplifier for Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution

I just purchased second hand SF Guarneri Evo's. They are the nicest looking stand mounted speakers I've seen.

I'm currently driving them with a NAD M33 and I think it is not the right match for them. There is no dynamics and they sound thin to me. I think these speaker have a lot more potential.The speakers are 4 ohms with a sensitivity of 86db. I listen to jazz, blues, instrumental and classical mostly.

My room is about 13 by 17 ft.. I have a Bluesound streamer and a Denafrips Ares II DAC.

I'm open to suggestions or recommendations for a nice Integrated Amp. I have a $10-12K budget. I rather buy it used, since I think I get a better value. I live in the Los Angeles area.





Never had an NAD Amplifier or Integrated last longer than 45 days in any of my systems. My son loves them I just cant get them to work for me.  

 Pass int-250.


Over the last few years they have figured out how to pack a lot of rhythm and pace along with a low noise floor, great details and power. I think this is a great match.

They're all very good suggestions:

- The Pass Labs Int-250 was in my short list together with the Hegel H590

- The Vitus RI-100 is an excellent suggestion at around $6000. I read the suggested review and a couple more. I think it is a winner.

- I like the idea of getting a new DAC since 100% of what I listen is streamed. I was thinking the Pontus II of even a Terminator II. I have to research the Aurender and the Innuos to see if there is considerable difference. I'll do that after I upgrade the Integrated amp.

- I'm using 2 REL subs T5/x at very low volumes. I also tried the Dirac with the NAD M33. It doesn't do too much of a difference in my room. I actually think it is better with Dirac off.

I just want to say thank you again to all the suggestions and comments.

The upper end stand mount Sonus Faber are very demanding and have very low sensitivity.    A 200 watt Amp is not overkill.  Most or many are 4 Ohm.  My Dad is using a pair of Electa Amator III with a MA8950 and it is a great sounding combo.  

Pass Amps are great, that Amp can deal with difficult loads.   

Spend on the Amp, you will thank me later 


Audioclassics .com


Ask For Mike Sastra (vice President) 800-321-2834. They have been in NY state for decades and are The Mac dealer in the US!

Buy a McIntosh Integrated for those Sanus Fabers ...A match made in heaven!


P.S. Until You get rid of that Bluesound your not really hearing anything correctly.


P.S Go with the Aurender Music server!



Matt Miller