Integrated amplifier for Magneplanar SMGA

I have a pair of used SMGa Magneplanar which are in very good condition. I am looking for a used solid integrated amplifier that would go well with them. I would spend a maximum of 1000$ (less would be better). I only need 1 or 2 or 3 input sources (for cd player, HTPC, and aux), a power button and a volume knob. No need for treble, bass and balance adjustments. I say I could be very happy with a one source input if the quality and the price were advantageous and I wouldn't mind to plug and unplug the sources every time I need to change. The only thing I am looking for (cause I'm on a budget) is quality of the sound (and not how loud it can play) and a good bargain.
for your information if it helps: I mainly listen to classical music.
I'm currently borrowing a 50 watts per channel Rotel RA-840BX2. What do you think of it?
Any suggestions for an integrated amp that would sound great with these magneplanar?
Also, I would like recommendations for speaker cables that would sound great with SMGa.
thank you very much
The Marantz PM15S1 for a grand that's for sale now on Audiogon would be a fabulous amp for your SMGa speakers. I owned SMGa's for many years, a very nice speaker for classical music. I know some will prefer the tube route, but my tastes (in your price range) would lean to the solid state side. The SMGa needs all the extension that can be coaxed out of it in the treble region, it's less than incisive in that region. Another possibility would be the little PS Audio C-100 integrated. Maggies and PS Audio amps work well together in my experience. In this range of components, you are wasting energy and money worrying too much about speaker cables. They just aren't revealing enough to lay bare the differences. I'd buy something like one of Supras or Furutech's modestly priced offerings and be done with it. Furutech speaker cable (DIY from someone like the partsconnexion) has excellent clarity and extension in the treble region which would complement the slightly rolled off treble of the SMGa well.
Defintiely PS Audio GCC series. Minimum GCC 250. It has HT bypass, plenty of inputs, both XLR and RCA. The Gain Cell is the best volume control existing, AND it has polarity control on the remote
Well thank you very much for the info, it's very much appreciated
I've read a little bit on PS Audio amp and I like their products very much because they are different. they are of little size and use a different technology called Gain Cell which is really interesting. now, there aren't PS Audio GCC or C-100 under 1000$ for the moment on Audiogon. If I find a PS Audio amp somewhere else under 1000$ but is not exactly the same model that you recommended, which specification should I look at? In fact, what made you choose these model of PS Audio to recommend with SMGa?
thanks a lot
Well, as to why PS Audio, two reasons. First reason is nothing more than my personal tastes in sound. Second reason is that PS Audio amps are not bothered by the low impedance of Maggies, which is more than I can say for the Luxman, Adcom, and Belles amps I tried before the PS Audio HCA-2. There are numerous threads on Audioasylum and the Magneplanar User Group sites where owners comment positively on the later gain cell amps performance with Maggies. As I said, the SMGa's sound is a bit rolled off at the frequency extremes and the strengths of PS Audio amps complement them. Very good, firm bass foundation and articulate, extended treble reproduction. Other brands of integrated amps I'd consider, based on other owner's reviews, would be Plinius and Sim Audio. BTW, there is a PS Audio C-100 that has just been listed on this site (albeit for a little over your budget though.)
Again thanks a lot
now I just have to find someone who will ship to Canada, since I live in Qu├ębec...
You may want to check out the DK-Designs amp that is listed just above your range.
I have one that works great on my M-L's and my friend has one he uses on his Maggie 1.6's.
Best of luck,
try to get your hands on an old Rogue 88 for about $800 or so. I had a pair of smgs myself but had them in storage because I bought a pair of logans,I sold the pans but realizing that I had never hooked them up to my new Rogue 88 I gave them a listen before packing them up to send to the buyer,was I ever surprised!! I was using just the volume control from my cd player so no pre was used.Now sorry I sold them but too late,live and learn,Nick
I currently have the GCC250 and MG1.6 combo.
I sold my MG-1s and was using a Rotel RB-1070 which I found a little....constricted. The PSAudio opened things up nicely with near-unlimited dynamics and a jet black background. The Balanced input for CD doesn't hurt, either.
I had the MG-1s for over 20 years with everything from a Kenwood integrated to a Carver Cube...with at first, the Kenwood used a a pre! (snip snip, solder solder)