Integrated Amplifier for Focal Sopra 3

I have Focal Sopra 3s.  I've read a lot in this Forum about how hard it is to drive Focal Sopra 3s.  I'm considering moving from a PS Audio BHK Preamp and BHK 300 Monoblocks to an integrated amplifier (space is a consideration).  I am considering a Luxman L-509x, a Luxman L-590AXII and a Bel Canto Black EX.  Any thoughts?  I think I need a lot of power/current to drive these speakers.   
Someone I know recently purchased a pair of Focal Sopra No 2 speakers and is driving them with a Devialet Expert Pro all-in-one system with excellent results.
You should have a listen to the 2 new Hegel integrated, 390 and 590.

Integrated Amplifier for Focal Sopra 3
Great speaker but needs an equally great amp that can do current down to 2ohms. Being 90db efficient they don’t need a lot of watts 120w at 8ohms will do. But they need to almost double that for each halving of impedance 4ohms the 2ohms if you want the amp to get the most out of them with out any strain, especially in the bass 60hz to 120hz.

Sopra No.3 is a difficult load for an amplifier to drive, with a minimum magnitude of 2.75 ohms at 96Hz and a combination of 4 ohms and a –56° electrical phase angle at 68Hz, both frequencies where music can have high levels of energy

I think I need a lot of power/current to drive these speakers.  
Correct and nothing does current better than a linear Bi-Polar (BJT) output stage solid state amp done right. 
Suggest a Gryphon Diablo 120 or 300 integrated.

Cheers George
To really answer this question you need to hear these things for yourself. I'm happy to send you a Luxman L-509X and/or a L-590AXII to audition. Try and find a dealer to help you hear the Bel Canto and, instead of wondering, you'll know.

- Colin

Luxman dealer in Nashville, TN