Integrated Amplifier for ERA D4/D5 Speakers

I'm helping a friend put to gether a small system, and need recommendations on an integrated for the above mentioned speakers. Remote would be nice, but not essential. Price range is $400-$700. I've heard that these speakers like some juice - any recommendations?
I am very pleased with Era 4 with both Onkyo A-9555 and original Decco.
Thanks JL35. I'm a little hesitant about a Class D amplifier (Onkyo) and have heard the Decco, and felt it to be underpowered.

Anyone else have ideas? I like the Portal Panache, but it's on the upper end of my scale and doesn't come with a remote. What about Music Hall? Other ideas?
Cambridge Audio and NAD some used and some new worth being on your radar.
I like the Rotel RA-1520 - it's got an energetic presentation and should have no problem driving the ERAs. There are a few floating around the listings right now.
I had a Music Hall a25.2. It's a great little amp (and sounds bigger than 50 wpc) with excellent transparency. A steal at the $300-350 they go for used.