Integrated amplifier below 1.5K for Sonus Faber?

Looking for replacement of current integrated amplifier.

Short listed few potential one (below USD 1.5K): -

a) Audio Analogue Primo Settanta
b) Audio Analogue Verdi Settanta
c) Audio Analogue Puccini Settanta
d) Cambridge Audio 840A
e) Roksan Kandy MKIII
f) Creek Classic 5350SE
g) Naim Nait 5i
h) Primare I21

Feel free to provide me some advice on the above list to be paired with Sonus Faber Concertino Domus speakers.
Musical Fidelity A3.2 Integrated amp. Or even A3.2CR power and preamps both units for less than 1500 total.
I have a Nait5i and think it's amazing. It's all about creating music vs. hi-fi. Definitely hear it before you buy any of the others!
@Vangoughear: I would make some study on MF A3.2 then, thanks.

@Groovybassist: Nait5i is very analytical but not musical, it works best for fast rhythm music, my music taste more towards classical, jazz, new age music. Appreciate your recommendation though. I am looking for int. amp which is tube-like solid state giving warm, neutral, clear soundstage.
Auronthas: I don't consider the Nait analytical at all. Typically analytical gear spotlights detail and bleaches tonal colors. While the Nait isn't tube-like, it isn't bleached either and is surprisingly warm in terms of tone. In terms of detail, Naim gear (including the Nait5i) isn't known for retrieving the last layer of detail on a recording. Timing is important to all types of music and you might find the Nait is a perfect foil to the slower, more relaxed presentation of the Sonus Faber's. I only commented as you listed it under options you're considering and I have experience with it. Good luck finding what you're searching for. I'll continue to enjoy my Nait5i for all genres of music.
You might want to add a used Arcam fmj A32 to the list. I find it an amazing value for the money. Plus you get so much more than most standard integrateds.
Groovybassist: Thank you for sharing experience. I will make some audition on Nait, Cambridge Audio 540C and Sonus Faber. I see your CD player is also Naim as well as interconnect, probably its make your system sound great.

I have the AA Primo Settanta integrated amp and in many ways it is the best amp I ever had. It is not quite as refined as my YBA Design integrated or as powerful as my Classe CA100, but it is more engaging. It is extremely tubelike yet clear sounding, yet it is more engaging than my Pass Labs Aleph 30. That is its draws you in to the music like a good tube amp.

You can look up my system to see it. If I ever upgrade I can say this amp will be used in a bedroom system, as I'm not parting with it.

The key to its beautiful analogue sound is the use of power packs - the same ones Jeff Rowland and 47 Labs use, but at a budget price. AA doesn't advertise these facts as the other manufactures do, but they are there. Here are some brief thoughts on this amp that I posted:

As far as the other AA amps, here is the basic facts:
The Cento VT is the same Primo Settanta integrated w/ a tube preamp. It is a smoother and not as dynamic.
The Verdi Settanta has the same powerpack amp section with a much better two tube preamp section.
The Puccini Settanta uses a typical SS amp section w/ a SS preamp section, with a different sound.

The magic of the Primo, Cento, and Verdi is the LM3886 powerpacks. Do research on these National Semiconductor gain cards and you will find that they are awesome chip amps and contribute to its warm, fast, and dynamic sound.
My short review didn't show up correctly on the last post so here it is again.
Hi Mjcmt,

Great, I like warm, neutral soundstage.

Thanks for your review and comparison on other AA int. amplifiers. I will make a trip to hifi shops to make a critical listening between AAs with Sonus Faber Concertino Domus speaker.
If you have the ability to listen to the AA Puccini and the Verdi please post your comments for all to read. I'm so inpressed with the little Primo integrated ($995 USD). I'd like to see what the models up the food chain sound like, but I have no way to audition AA products.

I like the prima luna ..
have the dialogue one and its beautiful

here's some reviews,,
you can pick one up at times used on the gon
peace vm
I really think that pairing Sonus Faber Concertino with tubes will produce very unimpressive sound. Treble will be non-existing, imaging will suffer greatly,imho.
I used to own Concertinos and Concertinos Home speakers. I have to say that if you like Sonus Faber furniture you must pair it with pretty bright ad fairly powerful transistor amp. Otherwise Sonus Faber's natural lack of good treble and poor, bass-colored sound will be overwhelming.
In terms of realism or imaging no matter what you pair them with they going to sound like a mid range Home-Theater speakers which they are.
@Dkzzzz, thanks for your advice. What is your recommended 'powerful' transistor amp? Will Audio Analogue Puccini Settanta (70W - 8 ohm) consider powerful amplifier for Sonus Faber Concertino Domus?
I may look into Krell KAV 400xi int. amplifier which is around 2.5K to pair with SFCD. If you have the similar setup, please spare me your review and experience. Thanks in advance.
I don't have your speakers so take this for what it is worth,but I'll add a couple of very musical SS integrateds to your mix - Plinius 8200 MK2 (175wpc) , and Portal Panache (100 wpc) (you can contact Joe Abrams at Portal Audio about this I'm not afliated other than as a customer), think they fit your listening taste of warm and neutral - I own both. Now, I also will go along with VM8444 and suggest tubes - I don't have a PrimaLuna, have a Soundquest SQ88 (55wpc ), and have a Consonance Cyber Signature 100 (50wpc) due to arrive tomorrow (check out Agon Guild - Quest for Sound about both)- the SQ88 was pretty nice sounding with the stock Chinese tubes, but switching them out for some moderately priced NOS tubes in the preamp section and SED KT 88s and/or JJ TeslaKT 88s in the power section, and it is sweet. Good luck on your quest. PS I have an Audio Analogue Paganini CD player and if the amps are as good I don't think you'd be disappointed should you choose one
I honestly don know how to make Sonus faber concertino sound good. But I would stay away from anything tube based, as I mentioned before. Tubes might be good for very forward and bright/detailed speakers. But for sonus faber you need good gain , some smaller amps would not control them very well. But i gues you are not looking at small amps.
I heard Rega amps and they were fairly bright sounding which might pair well with SF, but I never actually heard Rega-SF combo.
What i am trying to suggest is ask around for SS amp with real forward sound and at least 100W of efficient power output.SF speakers need their butts kicked before they move.
Stay away from amps that emphasise bass (which is hard to do) because SF by design will color everything with bass.
Hi Auronthas, that's a good idea in considering the Krell KAV-400xi wich i believe you can buy used for $1500. Aldo i have not listen to any of the integrated amps that you list, i have listen to Sonus Faber speakers been driven with Primare amplification and Jenna Labs speaker cables That combination sounds amazing. Much more musical and realistic than the all Krell room that my local dealer has. And yet,it never ocurred to me to connect the Krell integrated they have with Sonus Faber; the mind wonders...

Good hunting and happy listenings amigo!
hi all, thanks for your advice.

Finally, got my new Krell KAV-400xi yesterday.

Well, first audition, it gives a very much improvement from previous amplifier Cambridge Audio 540A. It produces a very natural, musical sound. I hope after some hours of run-in, the sound will be improved further.
Go with the Krell Integrated! You will not regret!!!!!
Even the older 300i will impress I assure you.