Integrated Amp With Tone Controls and Tape Inputs

I am looking for a good integrated amp with tone controls and tape inputs. I have a cd recorder and want to digitize some out of print lps to cd. I don't have tape input outputs on my equipment right now. I kind of like the tone control or built in equalizer idea because some things just sound better with the bass or treble boosted a little in my room. I have some rare live cassettes I want to burn to cd as well. Trying to keep it at 1000.00. Be playing through some Klipsch Cornwalls. Any great ideas?
Rotel RA1520, NAD C356DAC2, Accuphase E202, YAMAHA CA 1010, NAD C317, Sansui AU-999. Marantz, Sansui, Yamaha, Harman/Kardon, Carver, etc. Lots of choices.
Try and audition a Vincent sv 237 or 236 mk. It has everything your looking for. I own a 237 and I think they are great sounding amps at a reasonable price.
Buy a Behringer DEQ 24/96 and plug it directly into your CD recorder. You'll spend about $300 and it will do a much better job than an integrated with tone controls.
Accuphase and Luxman both have tone controls and tape/record features. Luxman also has a tube based integrated with those features if that's of interest to you.

Check out the websites for more details.

Good luck
I have to agree with the McIntosh amp to Klipsch speakers. I own a very small early Mc SS amp MC2505 IIRC, and have Heresys and Lascalas. They are a great synergistic match. I don't think that amp has the tone controls etc., but I see early Mc receivers with those options for less than a thousand fairly often.
The Accuphase and the Luxmans are also a good choice IMO with their rich soft sound to counter the horn honk Klipsch makes with some tunes and associated gear.
Thanks Mechans. I thought mac and Klipsch would be a good match. Hard to find in Oklahoma however.