Integrated amp with mc-phono.

Is there such integrated descent amp with built-in mc-phono(.5mV input sencitivity) under $2k new or used?
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Densen B100 with optional MC phono card added would be under this budget. I own one (without the MC card) and I like it a lot. However I know from your posts you have a pretty nice system so I'm not sure if it would be up to your standards. Also they're hard to find in the US.
Other thoughts are Creek5350, Naim Nait5, Cyrus7, Arcam. All have optional MC inputs, though I don't know the sensitivity. I expect Linn has something, but I have no experience with their equipment.
Unison Research UNICO 80WPC Hybrid Integrated Amp with optional MC card ($1395) to drive very low output MC cartridge (0.3mv).
Plinius offers this Int. Amp with either mm or mc. 175Watts/ch. Used ones are in your price range.
Why limit your search for a preamp with a mc input...
There are so many outboard mc phono stages that can be added to most preamps... Usually these phono pres are much better than the phonostages in higher end preamps...
Check out products by Clearaudio, Monolithic or Musical Surroundings...Check out
Good luck,
try the McIntosh int
...for those of you who are realy interested why i need this amp,
i'm onto the financing an expencive headphone system.
i found that there's no more "critical" than in the nice pair of headphones.
the integrated amp will only be used for the casual listening where only music does it all.
The YBA Integre DT sounds quite good with the MC module. The Mistral integrated can also be ordered with the MC boards installed.
Good Luck!
I found an ability to audition Unison Unico in my home and I believe that it would be the nice bet.
My demands on that amp won't be as critical as to my current system since my listening abilities to listen just to the music are very limited. My true critical listening can only be heard throgh headphones where I will be investing money when I sell my amps, preamp and phono together.