Integrated amp with JMlab Cobalts?

Am looking at an integrated amplifier to drive my JMlab Cobalt S 816s which are pretty efficient at 91db. Therefore, don't need tons of wattage. The system is used for 75% music/25% DVDs so I prefer an amp with a home theater throughput. Current CD player is a older Sony (soon to be upgraded).

Can go as high as $1,500 and have no problem buying on Audiogon.

My typical CD rotation consists of: Police, Dire Straits, classical (Beethoven, Mozart), Lenny Kravitz, Soundgarden, jazz ... pretty diverse interests!

Have done some research on the web and this forum and the following is the short list in no particular order. Appreciate any thoughts on these amps and JMlab speakers.

1) Plinius 8200mk1
- the mk2 is just out of my price range.

2) Classe' CAP 151

3) NAD 370
- new-in-box is well within my price range
- no hometheater throughput

4) Krell 300i
- does not seem to have the best reputation around here

5) Simaudio i3, i5

6) Audio Refinement
-no HT throughput

YBA Integre DT- easy (used) in your price range. can get for a tad more: new. I think it's better than anything on your list. OK, as good, at least. peace, warren
Haven't you consider tubes? Jadis Orchestra would be beautiful match for Cobalts somewhat "lean" presentation. No HT option, but for music something to consider.
Try an ARCAM A85 their will be a processor
card you can add on with 2 5.1 inputs. Then get a 3 channel amp for the rears and a DVD with on board processing. BAM the best of both worlds.
I recently got Simaudio Moon i-5, it has configurable home theater throughput, 110Wpc/4 Ohm, and I liked its fast, open, transparent sound more then of Classe, YBA Integre, Primare... (YBA Passion might be another story, but for its price...) Also in NA Moon seems to be a very good value.
Jolida 1501 in my opinion would be the best for your JMLABS. I feel as good as the YBA and SIM are...the Jolida has more bass punch and and fuller midrange. I believe it is a synergy thing not that one is better than the other. 2 channel retails about $750 and to add 3 more channels I believe is about $800 or so. It's a tube hybrid design so you can flavor sound as needed or just for fun. Also i have had all 3 pieces in my room so is not like I am making up some story. Not that the above posters are giving fake info...just thought I would mention that. Plus I have had the Cobalts to. Good Luck

I'm curious;

Did you make a decision/purchase? I have JM Lab speakers and I am considering upgrading from a reciever. For right now, price/performance I am leaning towards the JoLida.


It was a tough call but ended up with a Plinius 8100. Got a solid deal on a demo model.

Do a search on my username and you'll find a thread where I list the Plinius' advantages. Also, check my virtual system (under budget minded) for another write-up.

Which JMlab model do you own? Chorus, Cobalt, Electra?
I just sold my Cobalts to a friend yesterday. I figured out that they were just too big for my room. I have been himming and hawing for a while now, I am limited to pretty nearfield situation right now (about 9.5 feet) and I had been having to adjust settings on the reciever quite a bit to make everything sound the way I wanted. I am auditioning some Green Mountain Europas this weekend.
Don't get me wrong, I wasn't dissapointed with my Cobalts, just the overall setup. I think I will be a bit happier with monitors.
I'm glad you found a setup that makes your JMs sing though...