Integrated Amp with HT Passthru 1-2k

Hey folks.

Anybody have any reccommendations for a good Integrated Amp new or used with HT Passthrough in the 1-2k price range?

Tax time is looking pretty good for the slap-man, i'm considering getting a good integrated to run with my Denon2900 universal player, however it will need to pass the signal from my Denon AVR-3805 for HT purposes and be able to take a direct feed from my Denon 2900 for 2ch use. An LFE output would also be a big bonus!!!!!!!!!!


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I think you can get a Rogue Tempest Magnum in that price range, and believe it is available with an HT pass through. If you don't mind tubes, the Tempest does quite a lot of things very well.

Alternatively, I think the Plinius line of integrated amps come with HT pass throughs. I've had some experience with their previous line of integrated amps (specifically, the 8150), and it was a great unit. Even the newer line-up might fit into your price range.

Best of luck.