Integrated Amp with HT Passthru 1-2k

Hey folks.

Anybody have any reccommendations for a good Integrated Amp new or used with HT Passthrough in the 1-2k price range?

Tax time is looking pretty good for the slap-man, i'm considering getting a good integrated to run with my Denon2900 universal player, however it will need to pass the signal from my Denon AVR-3805 for HT purposes and be able to take a direct feed from my Denon 2900 for 2ch use. An LFE output would also be a big bonus!!!!!!!!!!

I think you can get a Rogue Tempest Magnum in that price range, and believe it is available with an HT pass through. If you don't mind tubes, the Tempest does quite a lot of things very well.

Alternatively, I think the Plinius line of integrated amps come with HT pass throughs. I've had some experience with their previous line of integrated amps (specifically, the 8150), and it was a great unit. Even the newer line-up might fit into your price range.

Best of luck.
The Krell KAV-400xi can be found used for under 2K. It is quite a solid performer with high power(200w/8ohm) and the requisite theatre passthru. There is a favorable review in the Feb.'05 issue of Stereophile.
I second the Krell Kav-400xi. Tons of of clean juice w/ the HT pass through you require. Doubles it's power into a 4 ohm load. Has 1 balanced and 3 single ended inputs. No headphone jack, however. Remote controlled, slim and cool looking.
weren't you thinking of going the tube route Slappy? Are you gonna be running this for 2ch music...and if the Denon gonna serve as the pre? I think I'm probably pretty clueless about this home theater pass through deal-ma-bob...isn't it just having the pre out mains in with the u-bar jumper connecting pre & power sections of the integrated? Fill me in...I'm confused & too lazy to peruse the forums...haha

how bout a used Cary SLI80? a friend of mine has one and it sounds pretty good.

Not sure if i want to go the tube route or not. Even though the Tube-guys want to crusify me every time i say it, i really like solid state.

Im wanting to do an integrated with HT passthrough cause that is one of the easiest ways to get a decent 2 channel rig integrated with the HT aspect.

This way when watching movies the integrated will be controlled by the denon 3805 reciever. when listenign to 2 channel the Denon 2900 will be the source and it will also go directly to the integrated, so when listening to 2 channel, the Denon 3805 wont be anywhere in the signal path

Glad to see you making progress on your system. Here are the ones I know of in that price range. Sim Audio I-3 and the I-5. The Rougue can have the HT pass through added. Creek 5350 SE w/ phono stage (actually just under 1k on the Gon), Musical Fidelity A5 is new for $2500 but 250 wpc, haven't seen one used yet, Musical Fidelity A308, Ayre AX-7, and Blue Circle CS. These are the ones I have put on my short list. I am leaning heavily toward the Sim I-3 and I-5. Good luck!
Sorry for butting in and for the potentialy amateurish question but I want to verify my understanding of home theater pass through:

Does an integrated amp with home theater pass-through basically act like a stand alone 2-ch amp when in pass-through mode? In other words, when using a 7.1 processor with the integrated (via processor pre-outs and integrated HT inputs of course), I'm basically able to control volume level with the processor and the integrated is simplay acting as a 2ch amplifier? Or does the integrated simply pass the signal through a set of pre-outs requiring another external amplifier? I would assume the former but am getting confused because the same terminology is used for 2ch pre-amps with 'home theater pass through'.

"Does an integrated amp with home theater pass-through basically act like a stand alone 2-ch amp when in pass-through mode?"

The answer is yes. Therefore the A/V Processor controls the volume of the front two channels.


I would vote for the MF A308 integrated. It doesn't have an LFE out but has PRE outs you can use for a sub.