Integrated Amp with HT bypass

I posted this over in the Amp section and I was not getting many replies so I thought I would try the HT section. Here is my question; Looking for a good integrated amp for music listening. At the time I own a Harman Kardon AVR520 receiver which works very well for HT and it is not that bad for music but I would like it to be better. I will be driving a pair of the new Silver 8 series Monitor Audio speakers. These speakers sound very good at the time but I think they can be optimized with a good tube or SS/hybrid integrated amp. I would like the amp to have a bypass loop so I can use my HK for home theater and the integrated for music. Not sure if this makes much sense. I am not interested in opinions about interconects so please limit the discussion to amps or other similar products. I would like to keep the price under 1500, preferably under 1K and used is fine. Any suggestions on what I should look for would be greatly appreciated.
A used Krell KRC-3 would fit the bill well - they go for between 1000 and 1500 used, have HT bypass, and have excellent performance.
I believe the Arcam DIVA A75 integrated amp has the bypass feature you are looking for.
Try a Sim I-5
It has a HT bypass. I had one for awhile and though I never used it in a HT, I must say it is one great amp. I think I may have sellers remorse.
allot cheaper great way to go is the NAD intgrated amps I do exactlywhat you said with an NAD integrated amp and its much better sounding then the amp in my home theater reciever.
Check out Krell's KAV-300i/iL.
Any of the recent McIntosh or Classe integrateds have HT bypass. Preouts too - and the Mcs even have amp in. If you like soft, enjoyable, liquid music then check them out. Used ones will be in your price range and they can kick more than their power ratings make you think. Arthur
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Does MA6500 has HT bypass? I haven't found such info on their web site.

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