Integrated Amp with HT by-pass

I currently use Pass XA30.5 amp + Pass XP-10 line stage. Love Pass sound. Looking to see if I can go integrated route without giving up much in sound quality. Budget is approximately $6k ($7k max).

Pass integrateds don't have HT by-pass.
Many of the Musical Fidelity Int Amps have HT bypass.

Audio Research
Conrad Johnson

I'm sure there are others.

Me - I run a MF A5 Int Amp - the HT bypass is ultra nice for those like me that don't have the room for two separate rigs
Octave V70SE :)
Cary SLI-80
Also consider the Marantz PM11S3.
MARANTZ PM-11S3 may meet your needs. For your budget you could add their top line video disc player as well. Sound wise, I have the PM8004 and find it to be quite outstanding. The reference series would have too be worth a look.
You could also just get a new preamp with HT passthru. I think tubed preamps paired with ss amps offers better results than all ss. I use a VTL 2.5 tube preamp with HT passthru with a ss amp and it not only improved 2-channel performance dramatically, it subtley improved HT sonic performance, too.

A properly selected tubed preamp with HT pass could do the same for you, with the added benefit of better 2-channel performance. Sorry, I'm not knowledgable enough to offer a good tubed preamp match with your excellent Pass amp but I'm sure some other members are.
Just an alternative to consider. Good luck.
If you want to go used, Some newer Accuphase integrated have Ext PRE-IN, there is a E-450 @ $7k for sale.
I bought two integrated amps this summer, both with HT bypass. The first is the Harman Kardon HK990, and the second is the Marantz PM-11S3. The HK sounds so good...I literally haven't opened the box of my Marantz. I will likely sell it. The HK is that good. It's worth a look.

There is also a company on here that modifies them, and I'm going to have that done this spring as well. :-D
Manoterror, did you ever get your HK990 modified? I picked one up about a month ago and really like it. I was wondering if it is worth getting the modifications? Which company did you use to do the modification and what was the result?

I haven't had a chance to update the HK990 through Stereo Dave's. I did, however, have him upgrade my Pioneer Elite receiver a year ago. It sounds fantastic, and I will definitely upgrade the HK990 in the future.

The Modwright KWI-200 has HT bypass as well, the amp has a warmth to its sound, not as warm as the PL INT-30, but I prefer it to the Pass. Not to mention great power reserves and very clean. Its worth a look, also it made in the USA as well.