Integrated amp with digital to analog converter?

Anyone know of a integrated amp that contains an internal D/AC? My budget is $1000 used in excellent condition.
My plan: second audio system with a Wadia 170i tranport
reading a Apple ipod classic.

Thanks in advance for any insights/information.
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The Music Hall Mambo fits the bill perfectly.

The Peachtree Nova is within your budget, used, and the reviews of its internal DAC are excellent. For less money, the Peachtree Decco is a very nice integrated.
Wadia has the 151powerDAC coming out any day now. Matches the 170i perfectly. I'm getting in line for one.

itransport output has a lot of jitter.
you need to choose a dac capable of eliminating it.
outlaw r 150 receiver--nice piece for 600 or so
So I would be able to connect an Ipod directly
to the Wadia integrated amp? If so, what would
connection of choice?
Thank to everyone
I read the specs, I would also need the 170i. Looks like an awsome combination.
just get and intergrated and add this
and it will sound great
You will need one of the few docks which can extract the digital signal from the iPod anyway. To my knowledge the only such docks are made by Wadia, Onkyo and MSB (at varying price points). There is no other way to get the digital signal from the iPod to a DAC so you will need to factor one of these docks into your budget.
Tact s2150 used would be in your price range
Bel Canto S300iu, though the DAC is USB.
What about the new Onkyo A-5VL integrated amp?