Integrated amp with built in DTS Decoder ?

I dont know if there is such a thing but nonetheless knowing how helpful this forum has been I'll just try asking.
Is there such an integrated amp (2 channel) that has a built in dac that can decode DTS movies ?
With the advent of media player I would like to have a 2 channel amp that can decode the dts, ac3, and other sound format it has thru a 2 channel int amp rather than a normal receiver.
How am doing it now is using a yamaha HT receiver but only using two channels of it which is just the front channels using two high quality bookshelf speakers.
I dont like to have the rear and center and subs as my room space is limited.
It works out well but it would be nice if an int amp can do such.

Hope am explaining myself well on this matter to get some informative feedback.