Integrated Amp with balanced XLR pre-amp out

Can anyone recommend an integrated amp with both balanced (XLR) input AND output? I'm using a balanced source with just one output and I need to connect a headphone amp in addition to my speaker amp (so I figured I'd look for a speaker amp with a balanced pre-amp output also). I know there are lots of amps with pre-amp RCA outs...I need XLR (balanced) output.

I know about: Electrocompaniet ECI-3 (and 5) (looking for input on these), Jeff Rowland Concentra (kind of expensive), Acoustic Arts Power I (very expensive), BAT VK-300X (hard to find and pricey)
Balance Audio Technology VK 300X, Mark Levinson 383, you can order Cary integrateds with balanced..I'm sure there are others (T+A, McIntosh).
try a Mimetism 15.2 has everything you need plus high power.
check it out at
Jeff Rowland Concerto Integrated has two sets of XLR preamp outputs and two sets of XLR inputs but it is more expensive than the Concentra.

In response to the post above, the McIntosh MA2275 integrated does not have balanced outputs. Only one balanced input and RCA outputs. Same with the with McIntosh 6900. I'm pretty sure that neither the Mac 6500 or the 6300 have balanced outputs. Mark Levinson 383 offers two balanced inputs but not a balanced output. In fact, I don't think the 383 has any preamp outputs. It does have an RCA output for the tape monitor though.

I think the Concerto is a fantastic product provided the rest of your system does not lean to the bright side. Good luck.
I believe that the Krell KAV-300i had balanced in & out.

Nice sounding unit...very good value in today's used market.

I steered 2 different acquantances onto this piece...both still use and love their 300i and it has been over 3 years.