Integrated Amp with A/B Speaker Switch

I know Rotel has one. Are there any other choices around $1000.
Creek 5350SE has an A/B/Both switch.

Watch the nominal impedance of your speaker whatever you are trying to achieve. When you start placing speakers in parallel, the current required from your amp for the same power output doubles. You will probably pop fuses or the amp's thermal protection will kick in before you do any damage, but be careful you don't build something that won't do what you want.
Most Arcam integrateds provide speaker A/B as do their power amps.
I did the same search about 8 weeks ago. Best choices are in this budget Creek and Arcam.

I ended up going with the Creek and it is just starting to break in.

Email me if you would like further details.
Thanks for the quick response.
This will be under-budget, but the NAD C370 and C372 have A/B switches.