Integrated amp with 2 inputs...want more.

I have a Almarro 205aMKII with only 2 inputs. What if I used a preamp into one input that would allow me more choices in sources would it not? Just turn the volume up on the amp and use the variable volume on the preamp. That way I could use a tuner, CD, tt, reel to reel without swapping cables all the time. Is this a good idea? Anyone try this? Would I be giving up anything sonicly?

Thanks for your input in advance.
Piggy backing two volume controls, one of the most critical parts of a pre-amp would not, IMHO, be a good idea. It would work but you're likely to get some noise floor sounds if you have the VC wide open. What you could do with some success is to use another pre-amp and take the signal from the tape out and just use the VC on the Almarro as you normally would. Also, there are some source selector add on components new and used, that might do the job as well.
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