integrated amp w/phono & headphone

Can anyone recommend seperate pre/power amp or integrated with built in mm phono + Headphone.
$5000 limit
I prefer not go with extra headphone amp & phono preamp which require more space,interconnects & powercords
Only know of Creek & Nad(phono stage would not be good enough)
I have Rega P5 TT w/dynavector
The Luxman 550 or 590 aII or ax. New or used these amps should fit your budget and from my experience offer excellent sound.
The Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated has both a phono stage and headphone out, if you'd like to try a good tubed amp.
Check out the Luxman L-505u.
Luxman & Accuphase both offer phono stage & headphone amp within your budget.
If you could find a great deal on new or used, the McIntosh MA6600 integrated amp. Superb in many ways. On the not nearly as much money, but very excellent the Marantz PM8004. For your high limit of spending the Marantz reference high line would be worth looking into, the PM8004 is so good [$1000.00 msrp.] that spending more may not yield much bang for the buck or ear. I have both the MA6600 and PM8004. You could not go wrong with either for sure.

Much out there, Harmon Kardon, Yamaha, etc. All the above posters have excellent choices as well. Good hunting, post your final pick.
I agree with Tpreaves....The Rogue Audio Cronus would be a great choice. Depending on your speakers and listening room, you may find the non-Magnum version to be perfect for you, or you may need the extra power of the Magnum. For me, the original non-Magnum version matches beautifully with my system, my room, and my ears. Call Mark O'Brien at Rogue .... he's always very helpful. Good Luck and Happy Listening.
Arcam FMJ A28 and A38 ....... I had an old Arcam Delta 90 integrated amp years ago, and really loved it. I'm sure the newest Arcam line sounds mighty fine.
I've decided on Musical Fidelity M6i integrated
In addition M1 headphone amp + M1 Phono stage
Purchased from an excellent dealer-
Audio Salon in FL.
I read it's a warm sounding amp
Warm sounding amp was refering to Luxman not MF
Congratulations...... Now that you've made your purchase, sit back and enjoy the music.
I was about to suggest the Cary SLI-80, but I see that you've already pulled the trigger. Enjoy!!
I'll post impressions at a later date
I figure it best to get the amp right then add accessories like phono & headphone