Integrated Amp w/ HT bypass for Dynaudio's?

My current set up is:

Dynaudio Focus 220 (in 5.1 setup)
Marantz SR8002
Parasound 2250 power amp (for fronts only)
VPI Classic w Dynavector DV-20X, Dynavector phono pre
Oppo BDP 83

Audioquest diamondback interconnects, older Audioquest speaker cable (probably needs to be upgraded as well)

Room: 21'x15.5'x8.5' Room treatments: fair, but improving

I'm about 80-90% 2 channel (of that probably 90% vinyl), so I'd really like to really like to upgrade my 2 channel experience. I listen to mostly classic/modern rock, some jazz/funk/reggae, and occasionally (but growing) classical.

I'm thinking a nice integrated with HT bypass to replace my power amp would be a nice way to upgrade. I'm considering the Hegel H200, Bryston B100SST, and others but unfortunately can't really audition much. I do need at least one preamp out to feed an amp for remote speakers.

I'd love to get some recommendations on integrated amps that might be a good match, or other ideas on how to upgrade. I've been able to find a few threads here and there, but needed just a little more specific advice.

I'm kind of leaning towards the Hegel, but the price tag has me a little anxious that I might be spending too much. I will add, though, that I'm sure I'll upgrade the speakers down the road and wouldn't want my amplification to hold me back.


I hope you followed your impulse and bought the Hegel H200. This is one of the finest integrated amps I've ever heard--and the aesthetics and quality of construction are superb. It really is a joy to listen to--and should pair very well with your Dynaudios.