Integrated Amp w/ Home Theater Bypass around $6k


I'm looking for an amplification solution for around $6k that has home theater bypass (or an input that can be set for unity gain). Speakers are ProAc Response D25 (for now). Looking for solid state, at least 100 watts, and at least 3 analog inputs. I'm inclined to go integrated but separates are an option. This is not my main stereo system, more like I want to have a solid stereo setup as part of my living room home theater (hence the home theater bypass option).

So far I've found these that look promising -- what do you think of these options (and any others spring to mind)?

Bryston B135 SST²
Musical Fidelity M6500i
Bel Canto PRE3VB + REF500s or 2x REF500m

If you'd consider a hybrid amp, a BAT VK-300xSE should probably fit the bill pretty well. 150 wpc, and any input can be set for unity gain.