Integrated Amp Vr-4jr


I would like som help on what Integrated Amp to pick to my Von Schweikert Vr-4jr.

I Recently have Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated and MF A5 CDP.
The A5 Integrated is to Soft in character.

I was thinking about Musical Fidelity Kw-500, but I donĀ“t know
if it share the same "softness" as the A5.

So need som help please!


I have heard the JR'S and also the DK Design, not together though...but I hear it is good match
BATs and vons seem to be popular too. Im very happy with my combo. I preferred my seperates to the 300xSE though.
Audition a Blue Circle NSCS.
I'd find it hard to believe the combination would be anything less than superior.
Hi: I've read great things about the Kw500 but that's it. As was mentioned, DK Design integrateds have been used at the audio shows with the JR's to excellent reports. This pairing obviously has synergy. Also the Moscode intergrated was used with the JR's. Also, one of the expensive VAC integrateds was used to rave reviews. There is so much expensive hit and miss in this hobby,if it were me, I would go with an already proven combination.
Plinius 8200II - Best sounding integrated under $3K- used for $1500

Thanks for all the answers.

Nobody who has heard it with Krell Kav 400xi, I Completely forgot that one.