Integrated Amp Utilizing 2 Prong Power Cable

My new Yamaha AS2000 integrated has an atypical 2 pronged IEC and stock 2-pronged power cord rather than the typical 3-pronged grounded IEC and power cord.

Are there any detriments to using any of my aftermarket 3 pronged power cords with the AS2000?

Do you know of or can recommend a quality 2-pronged aftermarket power cord to improve on the stock power cord that came with the AS2000?


No detriments at all. It just means the component isn't grounded. They are much more selections with the third prong in PC's. They all will work just fine.
I have an EMO amp that uses the "2-prong" IEC or C7 socket. I use the Cabledyne copper power cord with the Furutech C7 plug option. Superior to the cheap PVC cord supplied.
Is a C7 the same thing as a two prong cord ??
Z-man, do you mean its perfectly OK to use a 3 prong in a 2 prong component receptacle ?
C7 is a different standard. Its prong's body is rounded, while the OP's question is about the blade-like prongs.

That said, I've been using the regular three prong type cord on one of my 2 prong CDPs, and nothing bad happened so far. No noise or exploding :).
Yes, there is nothing wrong with doing that. As long as it is an IEC terminal. The pos. and common will do as they always do, but the ground wont be attached. Many, but not all cd players are non grounded.
But you will have more choice in high end aftermarket PC's that have the ground. Hope this helps.
I can't find ANY decent power cord without grounding prong.
Need one because I've found for years the most bang for the buck CDP is the top NAD offering which is two pronged.
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