Integrated Amp Upgrade-itis hitting....

Hey all. Put together a system with GoldenEar Triton 3's, a Marantz CD6005 and Musical Fidelity A3.2 integrated. Lately, been getting the itch to "upgrade" the amp though while excellent in function and aesthetics is getting a tad long in tooth. So, my mind has been wandering about something different. Top 2 options right now are a Marantz PM 8005 and Rogue Sphinx. I'm open to suggestions based on the above. I listen to a lot of electric blues and classic rock. A phono section is important as I do spin some vinyl as well. Just looking for some input from some fellow audio nuts....

I would go with the sphinx if you want a different sound,the a3.2 and the pm 8005 sound quite similar.All 3 are good and I know the sphinx has a good phono stage built in,I haven't owned one but I did borrow one to try out for a week.

Best of luck to you,

The 8005 has a killer phono section and is a wonderful amp. We love our 8004; however, for you it might be more of a different flavor than a large step up. Your MF is no slouch.

If you're itching to play with tubes and want to take a true step up, I would skip the Sphinx and go straight to the Rogue Cronus Magnum II, new or used. Several Triton Two and Three owners are using it to good effect. There's also a good review of it on Enjoy The Music that paired it with the Triton Three.
2nd Rogue Audio,

I concur with rackon and his assessment.  Happy Listening!
I've owned the Rogue Sphinx V2 and the Pharoah.

Both have nice resolution, and overall dynamics, however, neither produces solid, deep bass at low volumes. If you always listen at somewhat loud volumes, the Sphinx is a good amp. Overall it has a "front row" sound.

I'd bet a considerable sum that if you listen to the Marantz and Rogue back to back at moderate volumes, the Marantz will play deeper.