Integrated Amp upgrade?

Hello all,

Looking to upgrade my Cambridge Azur 851a.

I will be pairing with Spendor A6Rs (no sub). Two sources include Gold Note PH-10 & Mytek Brooklyn DAC+

My budget is $2K (new or used) and my top three choices right now are:
-Electrocompaniet PI-2
-Ayre AX-7e

My room is on the small side, and I usually listen with the volume on the high side of medium. All genres of music.


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I preferred the M-100 over the Lyngdorf.  The Micromega definitely has a warmer & more organic sound.  It also has a built in streamer, and MM/MC phono stage.

That being said, if you're interested in the room correction that each have, the Lyngdorf's is better, IMO.  The Lyngdorf's DAC is also top notch.  My main gripe against the Lyngdorf, is that when you use it with a phono preamp, the signal has to be digitalized, and I never could enjoy my vinyl playback as much as I'm used to on a traditional amp.
I am leaning towards getting the Lyngorf just for the preamp and DAC only. The amplification did not sound good to me with the speakers I demoed, however, an external amp connected via the analog pre-out was beautiful. Speakers were Paradigm Persona 5F and we used digital files.

I am going to have a shootout with the DSP features of the Linn SELEKT DSM | Lyngdorf | Anthem STR. If the DSP on the Lyngdorf is the best one then I will buy that even if the amp in it is not going to be used.
You’re probably losing a lot of money this way rather than just getting a Gryphon Diablo 120 with the DAC and Phono modules. Looking for perfection in a all in one doesn’t make that much sense to me.

I’d get the Luxman L505uX II and an outboard DAC.

That's a good idea, and wish I would have tried that when I still had my 2170.


The Gryphon would be awesome, but always out of my budget.  I usually come out even when trying out new gear, either selling or trading in, which is very fortunate.  However it does sometimes exclude amps/gear I'd like to try.
Plus as you found out, if you have an analog front end, there's no point going with one of the amps that digitize everything. That defeats the purpose of having an analog front end to begin with. So no Micromega, Lyngdorf etc etc.

I'd still suggest going with the Luxmans in your budget and outboard DAC, as the internal phono sections are supposed to be pretty amazing. And outboard DACs are a better bet as that tech is diverse and changing, you could try Delta-Sigma, R2R etc.