Integrated Amp upgrade

I have a Maarntz PM-84D integrated amplifier. I bought it 2 years ago to upgrade from a Adcom 545 preamp and B&K 202 amp.

The stereophile stated back in 1988 that the Marantz PM-94D was the best integrated amp in the market. The difference between the PM94D and the PM84D was the power output as far as I could learn.

I wonder if anyone has upgraded from the old Marantz integrated amps to the newer integrated amps such as Creek 5350SE or the Musical Fidelity A300 and Rega Mira and found significant improvement.
I can't comment from personal experience, but I notice that the British mags still rate Marantz gear very highly. I think the latest What Hi-Fi had the Marantz integrated as a top pick, along with Roksan and Arcam, with the MF down a notch. Ditto the "ki" versions of the CDP's. FWIW
The British mags don't compare the lower priced integrated amps to the high end ones such as Plinius , Classe' , Krell,etc. Marantz is nice equipment compared to Denon, Arcam ,etc, but compared to a nice high current Classe', Plinius ,you can hear your money. I own one of the older top rated Yamaha integrated amps, a Rotel 971 (better), and a Classe' CAP 151. I also own a Marantz SR18. While the Marantz sounds way better than my old Sony ES receivers, neither it nor my other integrated amps is as smooth, dynamic , and refined as the Classe'. IMHO
what about a lfd mistral le, if you have $1500..
The Marantz PM 84D in its day cost about $ 2000. Not very inexpensive I would think. But it seems to me from reading reviews that costs have come down quite a bit in the last decade. I was just curious if anyone had compared the old, $ 2000 + integrated amps with the newer integrated amps in the $ 2000 - range (such as the Creek, or Musical Fidelity).
What HiFi is in my opinion the worst of the British HiFi mags. It seems that every piece of Marantz equipment presented for reviews gets five stars. Nearly 10 years ago, on the strength of such a review I demo'd a $500 marantz integrated amp against similarly priced offerings from Arcam, Audiolab and Mission/Cyrus. The Marantz was totally outclassed in every respect by all three brit amps.
I would recommend you go and listen to a few of the integrateds you mentioned, even if it's inconvenient, before believing any of the What HiFi Marantz reviews.

FYI : I'm not biased against Marantz ... I think they make wonderful CD players (I own a CD67SE). However I don't believe that their amps are competitive, or have been for at least 10 years.
i agree with sean ''what hifi'' is a pub beer boy mag'' i cant believe people put in their mags
''VOTED TOPS BY WHAT HIFI'' overated tacky mag filled full of jap gear what you can buy at curry's or circuit city...NAFF!!!!!!!!!!
even HIFI choice mag has gone down the hill fast reviewing tacky gear and home theatre stuff...
my mates at home now read HIFI+
Personal Preference and price point rule the day here, fellas.
Opinions of sound are too nebulous; no matter who issues them.
Many times the matching of components, power ratings, speakers (OHMs Etc.) and room characteristics get lost in the shuffle.
You like certain types of amps and want to be proud and satisfied with your choice, and so the tendency may be to lock in to a certain brand and shut out others.
I do not need to agree or disagree with any one. I own 3 Marantz IA's' (I have owned other brands) and they each match up differently with the speakers and rooms they work in.
I do notice that I have to try diff. combos of spkrs/amps/components to get desired effects.
I agree about Marantz amps, but there are a number of great value integrated amps around, that I have heard. Currently, I would say the best value UK integrated amps are Creek and Musical Fidelity, pick your price point. In the US, Blue Circle look very good, I have only briefly heard their integrated, but enjoyed it. For Tube fans, many of the current Chinese or Chinese sourced amps look and sound nice, Shanling, Consonance and of course, Cayin. I use a Lavardin IT, I managed to find 2nd hand, if yopu only need 50watts and can afford it, you may never need another amp.