Integrated amp up grade?

Here's a little history. I have been a SS guy my entire life. My last being a Yba Passion Integre. Loved it, but I decided (with some strong suggestions from other audiophools) to move to a SET integrated after purchasing my Zu Definitions. This has been a marriage made in heaven. I never realized, never having speakers before that were sensitive enough to be driven by tubes, how wonderous the SET sound is. I was thinking Mastersounds 845 Compact. Cannot be found anywhere right now. They (being in Italy) don't have a US dealership. Suggestions? First hand experiences a plus or excellent second hand ones appreciated. thanks in :)
Hey Warren. Welcome to the tube amp world. You should seriously consider the tube integrated offerings from Unison Research. Their Unico stole the lime light but their tube gear is, and this is the perfect word for their sound, fabulous. The S8 is simply knockout with the right speakers. Still not easy to find but surely easier than Mastersounds. Good luck! Arthur
Here are the specs

Acoustic Dreams are shown as their distributor. Have you tried contacting them?

Is this what you're looking for: Taurus Audio Newark - California - USA? They are the distributor in the USA. They even have an ad on Audiogon with the amp you're interested in learning about.

Check out the Primaluna stuff too! I have the Primaluna Prologue Two. Its not an SET amp, but it drives a much wider variety of speakers with its 40wpc rating. Works with KT88s, KT90s, 6550s, or EL34s. I love the sound with the NOS tubes I have substituted for the small signal tubes it came with. Less than $1,550.00 also!!!
Hi Warren:

Nice to see that you have moved to tubes and Zus. Great combination! I've had Druids with the Yamamoto A-08 for the past 18 months and diggin' it.

Mastersound has a distributor in Canada, TriCell in the Toronto area: I bet they can hook you up with the 845 Compact.

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I thought that you moved into tubes several months ago when you got you Zu's? I thought that it was maybe an Audio amp that you got? Anyway I'm glad to hear that you're diving even deeper into the tube world. I would suggest doing what I did, give Vu and his crew at Deja Vu Audio a call, they build amazing custom stuff using vintage transformers and the best sounding parts. I love my amp and preamp, and since it's all custom they can build you whatever you want/need. Check it out, and whatever you end up doing, happy listening!
Warren - There's a Mastersound Dealer listed on A'gon here. Usual disclaimers.

Ever hear of the Redwine Signature 30. Very intriguing. I love the idea of battery power. And the price is more than right. Srajan gave the 30 a great review. I have been highly satisfied with everything I purchased due to one of his raves. Anyone hear this baby? I believe Zu is going to hook up with the Signature 30 at the RMAF. Problem with the Mastersound, expense aside, is purchasing without a solid listening experience.
Sorry my post should read, "I thought it was maybe an Audion amp", not Audio. Sorry about that!
Warren, a manufacturer you should check out is Don Garber of Fi. The Fi X would be a very affordable amp ($1300 with Magnequest transformers) and you could try 2A3 and 45 tubes with it. They are hand made in Brooklyn, NY and look stunning - more a work of art than an amplifier.

It will take about 2-3 months to assemble, but they sell used close to new prices and they are well worth the wait.

If you are looking for higher priced integrated I would have a look into Art Audio. There is enought impressive US manufacturers around without going abroad.

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That's the second Art Audio recommendation. The same audiophool who recommended the Mastersound touted the Art Audio, as well.
Cyrus Brenneman Cavalier Plus integrated SET 15 watts, $3500 direct sale only. Great sounding amp for my Edagarhorn Titan.