Integrated amp under $ 500.

Hi, I am looking for an Integrated amp under $ 500 (New/Used). Any suggestions ? I have had odyssey audio pre & power amps, looking for a cheaper option to drive Duevel Bella luna Diamante. thank you.
You know the speakers than I do, but I have heard that the price of these speakers is not cheap, so why would you want a integrated amp in the $500 range ?

Maybe I am wrong, but it just doesnt seem that you hear the speakers full potential.
You are right, I had to make up my mind to listen to inferior quality of sound. But since first response is favoring my current system, I am going to keep current amps and won't go for cheaper ones ! Thanks.
Cambridge Audio 640 MK2, best 400.00 you'll ever spend
I would suggest one of the inexpensive NAD integrateds, my brother used one for awhile and was happy with it. Also Rega's sound quite nice for that price range.
Acurus DIA-100.
It all depends on what you have to do. I imagine the Duevels like a lot of juice, and if you had to go into an integrated for under $500 - I'd second the Acurus DIA-100
You didn't mention whether tubes or SS but in the tube category the Jolida 102B with the very sweet 6BQ5 (EL 84) tubes is a great integrated providing ~ 20 watts per channel. Also in that same category the Sophia Baby is great if you have fairly effecient speakers.
There is a Acurus DIA 100 MKII on the site now for $425, better than the original one and 2 outputs.
some info
Vish: not sure what you meant by your comment "I am keeping my current amps". Are you no longer looking? If still looking, I would also highly recommend the Acurus DIA100. It still drives my old B&W matrix 803s2's, and I love this integrated! Mine is not for sale, lol!
I still think the Onkyo A-9555 is one of the best integrated amps in this price catagory.
I recommend Rotel RA-1062. Retail for $700, but you should be able to get a used one within your budget.

I have one, and it sounds great. I used it to drive my ProAc monitors.
02-06-09: Bobgates
I still think the Onkyo A-9555 is one of the best integrated amps in this price category.
Me too. At the asking price of $799 it's definitely competitive, but at the street price of $400 ( to $474 (Amazon w/free shipping), it's a walkaway. I like it better than any similarly-priced Brit-sourced (including Cambridge) integrated below $1500. More speed and clarity better balanced against fullness, bass power, clarity, and extension. I'd take it in a heartbeat over a Rega Brio 3.
Another vote for the Onkyo A-9555. I've had it for a year and a half and have been very happy with it (although the bass could be a bit tighter). To me, it's certainly better than the NAD in the $500 range.
You can buy it at for $280

I have thousands of dollars in amps and like this better than all of them. I'm not kidding either.
Harman Kardon HK3490 that is.
I tho't I'd revive this thread as it appears that those sub $500 deals on Onkyo A-9555 integrateds are disappearing. Back when I ordered mine last August I had a number of choices--Amazon at $474 w/free shipping, factory refurb from for $400, or J&R for $450 plus shipping. I got a silverface one thru Amazon for $474 inc. shipping.

Today, the low cost silver ones are all gone (as far as I could find), J&R's price is $699, and there are black ones only on Amazon for just under $500. Accessories4less has a few black factory refurbs for $399.99 but their website warns that stock is getting low.

They take 100 hrs to break in, but at $500 these amps are a gift.