Integrated amp under 2000.00 used

I am looking for an integrated amp under 2000.00 with balanced inputs. I recently had to sell my amp and pre and need to downsize. Any suggestions? My speakers are accendo C8s and I have a Wyred4sound dac2.

A used Hegel H200 is around $2,000.  I have a friend who used to have it with the W4S Dac2 in his system, and the sound was very nice.  Natural and musical.
Pathos makes very nice sounding hybrid, integrated amps with balanced inputs. Worth considering at your budget.
I agree with mani. I have a Pathos Classic One MKIII it is a great sounding amp. It only has one balanced input.
Maybe a used Ayre A7xe could work for you.  You can one for less than $2K used these days.  I also like the Hegel, they sound great for their price point.  
There is a Parasound Halo on Audiogon now. No affiliation with the seller.
I enjoy my Rotel RA1592.  It's a nice unit and functional.
Thanks for the input. I am considering the Pathos and the Ayre. I will do some research on the two.

The Ayre is a very nice integrated when paired with the right speakers.

I owned the Hegel H200 and although it wasn't as nice a build quality as the Ayre, it sounds just as nice to my ears yet less powerful.
pal, make sure you look for the Pathos MKIII version, IMO, it is better sounding that the previous versions.
I am also considering a rogue. Has anyone heard the pharaoh?
I also see a BAT VK 300x se. Any opinions on the BAT?