Integrated amp to Subwoofers

I was wondering what is the best way to connect an integrated amp and a sub, I have a Sim Audio I-5 and I might buy a velodyne hgs-10 which i feel will match well with my nautilus 805's. The integrated has a pre-amp out, can I use that and run it directly to the sub with regular rca cables? I always hear talk about a daisy chain but since I have an integrated I feel like it might be different, thanks alot.
I'm not sure about the capbilities of the hgs-10, but my REL Strata III has a high level input that allows the subwoofer signal to be taken from an integrated amp's speaker terminals. It works well in my system.
As stated above, does you sub allow you to run it in "high pass" mode? This is where the sub is connected to the speaker terminals along with your main speakers. The sub will integrate better for music using this approach.

Using the pre-out should work fine also (low pass mode). Just be sure it will not interfere with the operation of the amplifier. Usually the pre-out on an integrated is intended for adding a power amp, not a sub.

Hi Smjason. I used to own Simaudio Moon I-5 and ran it with an NHT SW3P subwoofer. The NHT has only line level inputs, so I used the pre-outs on the back of the I-5 to feed the subwoofer amp. I had no impedance matching or gain problems at all between these two components.

I don't know what kind of output options the Velodyne has, but if you do decide to go with a REL I would follow the advice of the previous posters and connect the I-5 via the amp/speaker binding posts instead of the pre-outs. I think REL recommends this method over line level.

Good luck.
Ugh, don't get VD, you'll only end up selling it and getting a REL. There really is no comparison, quality or musicality. Just buy a REL Strata III (new or used) and be happy. Problem solved. My 2c.
Karls is right, forget the HG, Go for either a REL Stadium III or an ACI Titan II LE, (my favorite sub). Either is far more musical than the Velo.