Integrated amp to replace Nu-vista M3?

any ideas of an integrated to replace the M3?
My front end is a linn ikemi.
speakers are the verity audio fidelio

I am considering:
bat vk300x
bel canto evo 2i
pathos twin towers or logos

I listened to the rowland, bat and m3 at a store with eqipment I was not familiar with.

I listened to a new jeff rowland concentra 2 but I preferred my m3 over it.
To be fair, this unit was new, however even new I should have known right away if it was for me or not.

The bat vk300x seemed sweeter than both rowland and m3, however the M3 seemed to have more bandwidth with a deeper bass than both the rowland and bat.
Seems that all of your choices would be a lateral move. What are you looking for in an upgrade? How does the M3 not please you? Important questions to consider before changing. You are going to have many more options by going to separates.
I am looking for more of a tube sound. I found the nu-vista more in your face or forward sounding compared to the bat which was smoother and more laid back probably due to the tube preamp section. I definitely want to stay with an integrated. If there are tubes I would prefer them to be inside the unit as I have small kids.

Anyone hear this integrated over others?
In that case, the BAT would probably be good choice. I've never heard the Pathos equipment.