Integrated amp to pair with Spendor S8e

I'd like to hear from current and former Spendor S8e owners.
Which amps worked best with this speaker.
My intent is to enjoy my music, not analyize it.
I enjoy all music but heavy metal/hip hop.
Also enjoy listening at low/moderate volume levels
I used a Bel Canto S300 with my Spendor S8es and thought it an excellent match. The S8e can be bass heavy and I found the amp to provide good control. They make an integrated version of the amp (the S300i, I believe) so you might want to check that out.

Other thoughts: NuForce also makes an integrated that would probably be a good match. The Spendor dealer where I purchased my speakers preferred Plinius amps, so I can testify that was also a good match.
Bryston ss 100, LFD ss Mistral or Almarro 318 tube.
I first tried a Musical Fidelity A5 integrated that worked really well (great performance for the dollar)...they need a decent degree of power so don't get too crazy. Also used an Arcam Reciever once upon a time in an HT system...worked well.
which have you used with the Spendors?

Sorry for the delay--have been on the road the last two weeks. I have heard all three.

I myself like the warmer tubed sound better with these speakers and would recommend the Almarro or something similar. I would imagine that another Japanese integrated amp, Leben, would also sound great--heard those with Harbeths, which have a similar sonic profile to Spendor. The Almarro is 1/4th the price of the Leben and the tubes are based on the Hammond organ.

In 30 years, I have found that the Brits always make solid musically inclined products. LFD would be a nice match and Gene Rubin Audio in So. California is an excellent source for all things English.
Thanks Bongofury,
The LFD has been suggested several times now, As have some tube/ss hybrids such as Pathos, Cayin, Unico.
Appreciate the feedback.
Unico is fabulous as well. I heard this next to the Almarro at Audiomaxx in San Juan Capistrano in Southern California. Pitch perfect around jazz and classical.

You might want to ring both Gene Rubin or Audiomaxx and see what they would recommend as ideal pairings.

Either way, you will love the Spendors. I have a pair of of KEFs that were a gift from Pink Floyd in 1987. Once you have lived with the English sound, it is hard to get excited by other speakers.
I chatted with Gene online Thur. and his recommendation was LFD or higher end Naim. I did not talk about, nor did he mention, any tube gear.