Integrated Amp to pair with Spendor S6E


I am new to this forum. Hope you guys could help me out.

I just got a pair of Spendor S6E. I found it has no bass when paired with PrimaProlouge1 (EL34) borrowed from friend. Right now i am looking to buy an amp. The options are (around $2000):

A. PrimaProlouge2 (KT88). I still love the Prima's sound, but not sure KT88 can help with the bass.
B. Naim Nait5i-2
C. Unison Research Unico Primo
D. Onix Sp3
C. Manley Stingray (used)
E. Yaqin VK2100 (china made amp. i was impressed with sound, but not sure for a long run)

What do you guys think? I lean toward option A because i still like tube sound.


Those speakers are pretty flat down to 48hz. 3db down. I wouldn't expect to much bass below that. You might try positioning them in the room to add more bass, closer to the corners etc. You know it might take a while to just get used to the bass, it might be better then you think, more tuneful, more musical. I think the last thing I would do is buy an amp just to get more bass out of your speakers. I would be looking for more music.

Good luck
I had those speakers and I used them with Quicksilver mid mono's. You can use el34 or kt88 with those amps so you can tube roll with no problem. Those speakers will sound real nice with kt88's.
Thanks all. I just found out about the Cayin A88T. i guess it would be a good match. I have no chance to demo them.