Integrated amp to go with Magnepan 3.7i

I currently have an NAD C388 powering my 3.7i's.  Originally I heard the 3.7i's paired with Parasound monoblocs and really liked them but wasn't prepared to spend that much.  A few years later I saw them with the NAD and thought the set-up offered 90% of the life like open sound I remembered.  

Like many people I really liked it but a few years out my setup feels underwhelming and almost distorted or harsh at higher volume.  So I'm looking at upgrading the amp.  I only stream Tidal through a Node 2i, mostly rock and alternative.  I just want the music to sound as real as possible - instruments and vocals.

I really like the ease of integrated vs separates.  Reading numerous threads, Pass amps seem to be ideal with Magnepan like the INT250, but to get a good DAC and less heat was thinking of others.  Seeing used listings, the Hegel H390 and NAD M33 stood out as ideal for me.

The NAD and Hegel are cheaper and easy but wondering if I would miss out on much better sound with the Pass.  
I have a Pass 250.8 with an XP 10 pre which I think is the same powering my Maggie 3.7i and the sound is truly amazing I purchased it used or you could try Reno who often have demo's at substantial savings You can't go wrong with Pass and Maggie's and you'll never need to upgrade again.

Musical Fidelity M6si. They have the power to drive Maggies and are aa sweet match. 
Does anyone think the NAD or Hegel are a reasonable option or best to go with something at the level of the Pass?

There aren't any stores with any of the amps that I can find so very difficult to actually listen to them.  I'm in the Atlanta area, think there would be someone.
With Pass, do you need a separate DAC?
Between the amp, preamp, DAC.. looks like close to $15k.
Not sure if there is enough current in the NAD to drive Maggie’s with the Pass my you’ll never have a problem. In the past Magnepan recommend against class D I don’t know if that has changed
Prior to my Pass purchase I was using another brand rated at 160 watts and was underwhelmed that’s why I made the change. I know Bryson is is also used to by many of Maggie owner’s.
If you can  audition all my the better.
Maybe someone living nearby will reach out.
Good luck.
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Some 10 years ago, when I had Maggie 3.5Rs my intention was to streamline my system, and bought a PS Audio GCC250 integrated. Now it's a potent amp but my room was too big. I moved it to my AV area whee it has served me well ever since. They also made a GCC 500. That should be amazing, IF you can find one

I've heard Maggies powered by a McIntosh MC 462 and NAD C275BEE

I enjoyed the sound stage - it's really amazing.

I've listened to different types of music including hard rock, jazz (with brass) and opera as well as string orchestra.  I don't know if there's is a better speaker to replicate the size and space of the string orchestra or opera. 

However, I'd also consider adding a subwoofer if you listen rock music.

NAD integrated amplifiers are very powerful in comparison to other amplifiers.
I just want the music to sound as real as possible

The devil is in the expectations. : )

Your Magnepan 3.7i's are excellent...but the Node 2i, NAD integrated, and Mogami/Monster cabling are not equals (of your speaker).

Between the amp, preamp, DAC.. looks like close to $15k.

Likely. Make sure you address power and cabling as well.

The best presentation I've heard with Maggies has been a McIntosh stack. ARC is another pairing commonly seen. Mentioning both, in case you are open to options other than PASS.
     There is a price point where an integrated is a better deal, but remember you are paying for the quality of the components in the unit, and in some cases giving up some sound quality via shared power supplies and noise.  The 3.7i is a very nice speaker and would justify the expense of separates.  I prefer DACs to be separate anyway since there has been much change and advancement regarding these units.  For my ears, a Tube Preamp and a nice SS amp with the current to drive the Magnepans is the best solution to get the most out of those speakers.  Pass 250.8, Parasound JC5, Bryston 4B3 are some of the examples that I positively know pair well with those speakers.  You do not have to use monoblocks.  Anyway this is just one opinion, but it is an opinion based on experience, ownership and current listening every evening.  Best of luck to you my friend and enjoy those 3.7i, I am looking to buy a set but my current audio room is only big enough for the 1.7.
I used a NAD integrated on my IIIs. Worked beautifully. FWIW...I now have 1.6, driven by a Rogue Cronus Magnum. I also heard 3.7s driven by the Cronus at a dealer. Sublime.

Try the NAD M33.  I have been a skeptic about class D amps, but after buying the NAD I'm convinced that the technology is now mature enough to compete with the best class A/AB amps.  The NAD has penty of power (200 watts/channel), is dead quite, is actually mildly sweet sounding (not the "chalky" sound of earlier class D amps) and doesn't seem to mind difficult loads (I use mine with a pair of Acoustat 2+2's which are 82 db inefficient AND a nasty minimum 2 ohm load).  I traded in Parasound monoblocks, a Parasound preamp, a streamer and a phone preamp.  The simplicity is fantastic (no more expensive cables all over the place), no heat, and the sound is as good or better than the separates.  Plus it has Dirac room correction which does a great job of taming a couple nasty room nodes.  Unbelievable value for the money.  My only concern is reliability.  I have had no problems so far, but my experience with other NAD products has been mixed in that respect.