Integrated amp suggestions.

Downsizing from Mcintosh 601 mono blocks and MC. c52 preamp to integrated amp.
My speakers are Sonus Faber Nova 5 CD player is MC. 550. 
Music collection is all cd's, I'm not streaming at all.
I'm thinking maybe the Dan D'Agostino Progression integrated.
It sounded great with the same speakers I have, and a AR. CD player.
My local dealer is giving a very good trade in deal on the D'Agostino.
Any other suggestion would be appreciated.
dan d was krell’s main man before his current outfit bearing his name

i have not heard his current super duper expensive stuff at any length but if it still has the same sonic signature as krell then it would be classic clean sharp bass slammy solid state... can be lean and sizzly if matched poorly to source and transducer

ayre’s house sound is somewhat different, a little warmer, sweeter, a little less bass slam a little more air and subtlety

also suggest hegel and belles - excellent sounding units, very good spatial capabilities
The Ayre integrated—AX5-Twenty—is the best I’ve heard with many different speakers. I ended up with the VX-5 Twenty and kept my tube preamp but that integrated sounded so special with my Audio Physic speakers. 
In that price range I'd also look at the Vinni Rossi L2ise integrated, give you a 300B tube based preamp and excellent ss amp section. Just got mine and loving it. The Agostino stuff is excellent when I have heard it at shows, but the Rossi has heart and soul, slam, and detail without any edginess
you are on the right track.
D'Agostino progression.good performance and has a brand cache as well compared to all other brands/models mentioned
My speakers are Sonus Faber Nova 5
Great speaker, have been said to be a hard load a bit like the Amati's which can dive down to nearly 2ohm in the low bass.
For those you want the very best integrated, and to me that will be the Gryphon Diablo 300, it will get the very best out of them. Or the Diablo 120 if you can afford the 300.

Cheers George