integrated amp suggestions solid state

i have been using a sim i5.3 for over 2 years now and a friend suggested to get something with more power(current).I listen to mainly jazz and classical.I have been looking at musical fidelity higher wattage amps and wonder if thats movin down the rung.I am working with budget so going to the evloution series would hurt,My speakers are addagios, cdp i5.3, az cabling.Some suggestions would be appreciated.Looking to stay solid state...thanks
What is your budget? What is the efficiency of your speakers, what is thier nominal impedence and what is their minimum impedence? Knowing this will make recommendations more meaningful.
Pass Labs Int 150 if you need more power. Or better yet Conrad Johnson CA200
im going to probably alot 5k.6ohms,89db i believe.I should have pulled the trigger on the pass a couple weeks ago?!
The new Modwright integrated looks very promising.
I have a Simaudio i.53SE. It is a fine and convenient integrated, but stepping to a Pass Labs class A will provide more dimension to the music. Your speakers are pretty efficient so, if stepping up, it may not be about more power, but better circuitry. If my speakers had those specs I'd go for the VAC 160i.
Depends on your budget. I used an NAD M3 with my Adagios and it sounded very good although was not strong on air and detail. The detail was there, but not forward. Very good bass, soundstage, not fatiguing at all. Very powerful, meaty, and substantial sounding with the Adagios. Plus, it had tone controls so you could turn up the treble if you wanted to but I never did. I only sold it because the display is small and I couldn't see the volume number from my chair. Dumb maybe, but whatever! Now I'm using a BAT VK300xSE with the Supertube option. Compared to the NAD it doesn't sound as powerful but does have more air, detail, (this sounds silly, but) "tube magic".

The NAD can be had used for around $1400.00. My next choice for SS would've been Sim I7 because it also has a large display like the BAT and twice the price like the BAT. Others to look at might be Plinius 9200, Cambridge 840A V2, Anthem, or the MF you mentioned. Then there's Class D like Wyred4Sound, etc but Class D didn't suit my preference. All comes down to synergy and preference but I think the Adagios like power. (disclaimer: I like power)
Luxman L-550ax. 20 watts class A, much more powerful than you could imagine without hearing for yourself. I'm sure the Pass is nice too (Int 30?). Personally I'd go for lower power class A sound; "tubey" (full, harmonically rich sounding to my ears) sound without the hassle of tubes.
I use the Pass INT-30A, their class A integrated, into 92/4ohm speakers. The combo is very sweet, and I love the amp, but I could imagine people wanting more grunt into lower efficiency speakers.

Very worth seing what you can do with Mark at Reno HiFi, if there's not a Pass dealer in your area.

thanks for all the suggestions...awesome.I think the thought for me is that if i decided to move on from adagios and the ohm load was 4 or sometimes less that it could be handled without clipping or strain?
Don't overlook the CODA CSi. Very powerful, wonderful tonal balance and all functions are fully remote-controlled.
I have used and love the ATC SIA2-150. 150 watts where the first 15 are in class A and then moves into class A/B if more power is needed. The ATC has the rich full bodied sound of class A with the nuts of very well designed class A/B. I preferred it to many of the afore mentioned integrateds.

At $4k new and a fraction used a Redgum RGi120ENR should be considered. Best ss stuff I've heard--I've preferred it to Pass and Plinus.
SIM is a fine amp. If you like the sonics, look for a larger SIM integrated.
REGA OSIRIS .....Well worth the audition
Check out the specs and reviews convinced me enough to start over with this as the foundation of my new system.
Its a great amp...and i have considered the 600i.just looking outside the fray a little.I actually think im going to pull the trigger on the modwright int.So many(too many) to consider.Local company and dan(modwright) is very easy going communicator.
Modwright builds great stuff, and you are right Dan is a standup guy. I love my Modwright 5400es.
I suggest you listen to the Ayre AX-7e Integrated amplifier. See:

As posted above, I also suggest you listen to the Pass Labs INT-150 and the INT-30 amps. The Luxman L-550ax Class A amp should also be added to the list. Since you already own the Sim I5.3, you should listen to their newer models.

The real question to ask is how do you make a decision. The best case would be to listen to the amps in your system and then decide. If you cannot listen with your speakers, it is going to be difficult since you do not know how it will sound. It might be better to select an amplifier that you can listen to in your system instead of guessing what amplifier will sound the best to you.

Hopefully, the comments will point you in the right direction.
ah yes another fine amp the ayre...the modwright will be recieved within a week and we will know.having the amp in system is the only way...not to mention room anomolies.I appreciate everybodys suggestions,hard to go wrong with any of them.yes the luxman is another thats very tempting for me...ill keep posted,thanks.
You should try to check out the new Hegel h-200. It's a very natural sounding amp that has just won amp of the year from the Absolute Sound.
saw that one ongone too!(sooo many)!?
Check out the Jungson JA-99 or the DA-300
I would suggest a ''downgrade'' that would result in an ''upgrade''. Yamaha AS2000. Do an A/B with the Sim and believe...This amplifier is more refined with sonics, more complete, and not overpriced, even at full retail.
choice is made in the modright kwi 200.Very impressed with what im hearing so far.deeper into the sound stage we go.More dynamics refined.Power on reserve.
Congrats. Great choice. I have my modwright 5400 in for additional mods. That company rocks. Superb people.
Yeah dan is great...its nice to be able to talk to the boss!there are so many choices.Sim is still there in my(mind)and gets the highest of respect.There are trade offs with any different peice of gear.